Engagement Ring
Buyers' Guide
Using our interactive, Angelic Diamonds can help you pick the ultimate engagement ring to present to your partner. Allow our calculator to do the thinking for you and watch as we select the ring that meets all your demands and desires. From carat, clarity, cut, and size, we will present you with an abundance of stylish ring variations to choose from.
Question 1
How would you describe her hands & fingers?
Petite & Slender
Petite & Wide
Just Normal
Long & Slender
Long & Wide
Question 2
What is important to her?
Looking the part
Its the thought that counts
Subtly: If you know, you know
Big, bold and expensive.
Question 3
How would you best describe her taste in jewellery?
Question 4
How would you best describe her style?
Bling Bling
Your Results
Based on your answers, we recommend the below engagement ring variations. Like what you see? Visit our engagement ring section now and choose the idyllic engagement ring for your partner today.
Diamond & Clarity
Band Colour
Setting Type
Use our interactive diamond size guide to view how different diamond shapes and sizes will look.
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