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How to Choose an Engagement Ring to Suit Your Hand

Choosing an engagement ring is definitely not something you want to get wrong. Whether you’re planning on proposing and want to have the perfect ring in advance, or you’re ready to begin dropping proposal hints and want to be sure of which ring you want, there’s a lot to choosing the right engagement ring.

You may have already studied the different diamond shapes available; perhaps you already have a preferred style in mind. But did you know that your (or your partner’s) hand and finger type can impact how the ring looks?

In our guide on how to choose an engagement ring to suit your hand, we explain how to choose a ring style to complement the most common hand and finger types so you can be sure your choice will suit them down to the ground.

How to Choose an Engagement Ring to Suit Your Hand

Choosing an engagement ring for small hands

If your partner has small hands, you’ll need to choose an engagement ring that is in proportion to their hand size while helping to elongate their fingers.

When shopping for an engagement ring for someone with small hands, you should avoid chunky rings with large bands. The thicker the metal band of the ring, the more space on the hand the ring will take up and their hands will look smaller as a result.

Instead, we recommend choosing a narrow band paired with a small, delicate diamond. This will have the opposite effect; taking up less space, the ring will help the hands appear larger and more elegant. The thinner band will also make the diamond look bigger. 

Engagement rings for short fingers 

A person with small hands will often have short fingers too. Building on the advice above, some styles of engagement rings can further elongate short fingers, making them appear longer and leaner.

In terms of diamond cut, you’ll want to choose an elongated or vertical diamond to make a short ring finger appear longer. Great choices are oval, marquise and pear-shaped diamonds, as they are all longer than they are wide which will help add length to the finger.

Speaking of width, stay clear of choosing a wide stone, as this can have the opposite effect and make your finger appear shorter than it really is.

In terms of stone size, the good news is that you don’t need to opt for a large, high-carat diamond, which will increase the total price of your engagement ring. In fact, a large stone can actually emphasise short fingers so for that reason, opt for a smaller stone that is more in proportion with both your finger and hand overall.

Engagement ring for small hands

Choosing an engagement ring for big hands

If you have big hands, small, delicate rings aren’t for you. Choosing this style of engagement ring can accentuate the size of your hand and smaller stones can look a little lost on your hand. So, if your hands are on the larger side, get ready to go big and bold!

Instead of opting for a slimmer band, a wider or chunkier engagement ring will take up more space and look more in proportion to your hand. Consider larger ring settings such as cluster engagement rings, three-stone engagement rings or vintage engagement rings over small and more minimalist styles.

Engagement rings for long fingers

Having long fingers is one reason why your hands may be larger. Often, long fingers are associated with elegance however choosing the wrong engagement ring style for long fingers could leave them looking out of proportion to the rest of your hand.

Let’s start with the stone size. Having larger hands and requiring a chunkier band means a bigger stone size will look the best in this particular ring setting. While you could simply choose a larger size ring with a larger carat, there are ways to make a centre stone look larger without spending too much more.

For example, a halo engagement ring featuring a centre stone surrounded by smaller diamonds gives the appearance of a much larger diamond without buying a larger centre stone. Likewise, a ring with shoulder diamonds will add more detail to the ring, without increasing the price significantly.

To balance out the length of your fingers, you should choose an engagement ring with a stone that is wider than it is long. Choosing an elongated stone will only make your fingers look longer. Instead, opt for a wide diamond cut such as princess cut diamonds, round diamonds and cushion diamonds.

Engagement ring for large hands

Engagement rings for slender fingers

Whether your fingers are short or long, slender fingers are best suited to small diamonds set in a slightly wider band to help even up proportions and make your fingers appear less slim.

In terms of diamond cut, round diamonds, cushion diamonds and heart-shaped diamonds create the perfect balance as they are wider than other more vertical cuts.

If you have slender fingers, you can afford to choose a smaller diamond as a larger diamond would overpower your hand. However, make sure the stone size is in proportion to the slightly wider band size to avoid the stone looking lost on your hand.

Engagement ring for slender fingers

Engagement rings for fat fingers

To avoid making your fingers look wider than they are, steer clear of narrow stones that show skin on either side. Wider diamond cuts, such as round, cushion and asscher, are the most flattering in an engagement ring for someone with wide fingers. The bigger the size, the more flattering they are.

Use your wide fingers to your advantage and choose a detailed ring to make the most of the extra space you have. Trilogy rings, cluster rings and halo rings all distract from wide fingers with diamonds set in beautiful designs. These styles are a great choice for making a diamond appear larger without investing in a large central stone.

When it comes to band types, avoid thinner, delicate bands that can make your fingers appear wider. Instead, opt for a wider band or a band with multiple strands which takes up more space on your finger.

Engagement ring for fat fingers

Engagement rings for wide knuckles

If you have wide knuckles, you’ll need a ring that can draw the eye away from your knuckles and balance out the proportions of your hand.

The best way of doing this is by opting for a ring with a wider or chunkier band. This will help balance out the proportions between your knuckles and the slimmer part of the bottom of your finger. Avoid a thin band entirely as their delicacy can accentuate your knuckles.

Rings with a lot of detail, such as three-stone or vintage engagement rings, are particularly good choices for holding people’s attention on the ring itself.

Engagement ring for wide knuckles

Engagement rings for square fingers and hands

For square fingers and/or hands, the best choice is to soften the angular appearance through feminine designs and stones. The best way of doing this is by choosing rounder diamond cuts.

Round diamonds, oval-shaped diamonds and pear-shaped diamonds are all subtle, classic shapes which will make your fingers and hands appear softer and more rounded.

If you have square fingers, it goes without saying that you should avoid square and rectangular cut diamonds. A princess-cut diamond, for example, could make your hands appear squarer than they are.

Engagement ring for square fingers

Don’t forget about your nail style!

We’ve discussed in detail the best engagement rings for different hand and finger types but we must also consider nail length. For example, if you have shorter fingers but long nails, your fingers can appear longer overall, so you may be able to opt for a style that’s more suited to someone with longer fingers.

Remember that there are no official rules when it comes to choosing the right ring. The advice we’ve provided above is intended as a guide only.  If you’ve got your heart set on a particular design and it doesn’t follow any of the guidelines above, get it! After all, the best engagement ring is the one you’ll love and cherish forever.

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