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How to Wear Wedding, Engagement and Eternity Rings

Getting engaged and getting married are two of the most momentous occasions in anyone’s life — so much so that the special event is marked with the gift of an elegant ring. Once you introduce an eternity ring into the picture, it can be a little confusing to know how you’re meant to wear all three of your precious rings so they look their best.

If you’re facing this puzzle or you think you might be soon, here’s a simple guide to help you out.

How to wear wedding, engagement and eternity rings

Engagement ring

Engagement ring

The engagement ring is usually worn on a women’s fourth finger on the left hand (the ring finger). On the wedding day, some brides choose to move the ring to the fourth finger of the right hand to make the wedding ring ceremony go more smoothly.

After the wedding day, the engagement ring is usually moved back to the ring finger on the left hand, where it sits on top of the wedding ring. However, if the wedding ring and engagement ring don’t match (for example if you have a simple yellow gold diamond wedding ring and a vintage white gold engagement ring), it’s common to keep the engagement ring on the fourth finger of the right hand.

Wedding ring

Wedding ring

Wearing a wedding ring is a little more straightforward than an engagement ring. This ring is always worn on the ring finger on the left hand on both men and women.

Because many women want to wear their engagement ring and wedding ring on the same finger, we create bespoke wed-fit rings. These rings are cleverly designed so they’ll not only match your engagement ring perfectly, but form a shape so they both sit comfortably and beautifully together, too. We can create a unique wed-fit ring whether or not you bought your engagement ring from Angelic Diamonds.

Eternity ring

Eternity ring


There’s no set way to wear an eternity ring, so it’s really up to you. One of the most common ways is to wear it on the ring finger on your left hand, sitting on top of both the wedding ring and engagement ring. This can look truly stunning if all your rings work well together.

Another common way of wearing all three rings together is to place the wedding ring on the ring finger on the left hand, followed by the eternity ring and then the engagement ring. Since wedding bands and eternity rings usually look similar they pair wonderfully.

Depending on the thickness of the bands, wearing all three rings together can be cumbersome and feel a little awkward. If this is the case, most women choose to move their eternity ring to the fourth finger on their right hand, keeping the wedding ring and engagement ring on their left hand.

It’s your choice

However you choose to wear your engagement ring, wedding ring and eternity ring is entirely up to you. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. The above guidelines are simply based on long-established traditions. Play around with your rings until you find a way that feels comfortable and makes you happy.

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