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Engagement ring resizing guide

Even with the most stealthy ring finger measurements before you buy, there’s still a chance that the engagement ring you’ve chosen might not fit.

Usually, you’ll only find this out after you’ve popped the question but don’t panic! Engagement ring resizing is here to help transform a loose-fitting or too-tight ring into one that fits like a dream.

In this guide to engagement ring resizing, we cover all of the essentials, from how it’s done to how much it costs to resize an engagement ring in the UK. We’ll also cover some quick fixes that you can try as a temporary measure until you’re able to get your ring resized.

How should an engagement ring fit?

Before you know whether your engagement ring needs to be resized, you should first check how it fits. Obviously, if your ring is falling off your finger, it’s a clear sign that it is too large and should be resized. However, your ring may only be slightly too small or slightly too large, in which case it can be more difficult to tell.

engagement ring should fit on your finger

Here’s how your engagement ring should fit on your finger:

  • Your ring should fit snugly around the base of your ring finger without causing any bulging or leaving marks on your finger.
  • Your ring should slide over your knuckles easily but should be harder - but not impossible - to remove.
  • There should be a small gap between your ring and your finger when you push the base of the ring upwards when on your finger.
  • If your engagement ring has a central stone, your ring should be tight enough to hold the stone in the centre of your finger.

Remember, the size of your ring finger can change, whether that’s due to temperature changes or weight loss. Some days your ring will fit better than others. It’s important to find a fit that will keep your ring safe without causing any discomfort.

Signs your engagement ring doesn’t fit:

Your engagement ring is too small if:

  • You struggle to get the ring on your finger.
  • The ring sits too tightly on your finger, with parts of your finger bulging over the top.
  • You can’t get the ring off or it causes pain and difficulty when you try to.


Signs your engagement ring is too small

It’s too big if:

  • The ring slips off your finger as you wear it (a good test is to gently shake your hand).
  • If your engagement ring spins around of its own accord, it’s a sign it could be too large.
  • You can remove the engagement ring easily with little resistance over your knuckles.


Signs your engagement ring is too big

Can you get an engagement ring resized?

The vast majority of engagement rings can be resized if they are too large or too small for the wearer. However, some types of rings are easier to resize than others.

If your engagement ring is made from platinum or gold you should find that it can be easily resized.

Generally, titanium, tungsten and stainless steel are harder to resize, so you’ll find fewer jewellers are open to resizing rings made using these metals.

It’s a similar story if your ring has stones inset all the way along the band. Because the stones reduce the amount of metal the jeweller has to work with, it’s not always possible to make the ring larger or smaller. However, it tends to only be wedding rings or eternity rings that feature the inset stones, so this shouldn’t be too much of an issue when resizing an engagement ring.

When not to resize a ring

In some instances, ring resizing may not be the best option for you. Consider if:

  • Your weight is changing - for example, if you’re pregnant, you might find your ring is too tight at the moment as your body changes. However, this may not be a problem once you’ve given birth, so having your ring resized now may mean it won’t fit you correctly post-pregnancy.
  • Seasonal weather is affecting you - your ring may not fit as well in the summer as it does in the winter and vice versa. This is normal and it’s due to your fingers swelling and shrinking as a result of changing temperatures. Consider having your ring resized only if the fit is consistently a problem throughout the year.
  • You have an antique ring - resizing an antique ring may impact its overall value and could make it more difficult to restore in the future.
  • Your ring has an engraving - during the ring resizing process, any engraving on the ring itself can be partially removed or made less visible. You can have the message engraved again, although for some this may impact its sentimental value.
  • You have large knuckles - you may be tempted to resize your ring to fit the smallest part of your finger, usually at the bottom. However, if you have wide knuckles, doing so could mean you’d struggle to get the ring over your knuckles 


How to resize an engagement ring

The techniques used by the jeweller to resize your engagement ring will depend on the scale of the work required but these days most rings are resized using a laser welder.

How much to resize a ring?

On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from £45 up to around £120 to have an engagement ring resized.

How much it costs to resize a ring will depend on how extensive the work is that needs to be carried out. For example, the price will often depend on the type of metal the ring is, how many sizes it needs to be adjusted by and the placement of stones within the ring, amongst other factors.

At Angelic Diamonds, we offer a free ring resize for all our customers within 90 days of receiving your order. If it has been longer than 90 days then you can pay £55 for this service.

How many times can a ring be resized?

Although there is no set limit, as a general rule of thumb, a ring can be resized a total of 2-4 times.

The design of your ring can determine how frequently it can be resized too; for example, thinner, more delicate bands may be able to be resized less. However, most people will only need to have their engagement ring resized once, so this shouldn’t be an issue.

Where can I get an engagement ring resized?

Most reputable jewellers will offer a ring resizing service. While any jeweller will be able to resize your engagement ring, it’s often wise to go to the original jeweller you bought the ring from, as they will be most familiar with how the ring is constructed.

We offer an engagement ring resizing service here at Angelic Diamonds. Get in touch with our team to find out how we can help.

Alternatives to ring resizing

When you’re newly engaged, you’ll of course want to show off your engagement ring! Perhaps you’ve got engaged abroad and won’t be able to resize it until you return to the UK.

While finding out your engagement ring doesn’t fit perfectly can be disappointing, you may still want to wear it. The good news is that there are some temporary solutions that could help make your engagement ring fit better.

We must stress that even with the following temporary solutions in place, you do run the risk of potentially losing your ring should it slip off your finger. You should remain cautious when wearing it until it has been resized.

beneath your engagement ring

How to make a ring smaller without resizing

1. Invest in a silicone ring sizer

Silicone ring sizers are a popular choice as they’re cheap to buy and can help make your ring fit better without dramatically altering the ring itself. Coiling the silicone strands around the back of the ring band decreases the size of the ring, providing a tighter fit for the wearer.

You shouldn’t be able to see the ring sizer when looking at your ring from above or the sides, so it’s a discrete option.

2. Try an adhesive ring sizer

For something even more discrete, you can invest in an adhesive ring sizer that you can attach to the inside of the ring itself. It works in much the same way as a silicone ring sizer but is less noticeable, even when looking at the back of the ring.

Strips are available in a selection of sizes and widths, and are capable of reducing a ring size by up to two sizes!

3. Wear a ring beneath your engagement ring

If your engagement ring is a few sizes too big and slips off easily, you may be able to make it fit better by wearing a smaller plain ring underneath your engagement ring. However, wearing a ring over the top of another ring may feel uncomfortable and may not always be possible if your engagement ring is only slightly too large.

Depending on their metal types, it could also cause surface scratching to your engagement ring should the two rings rub together.

How not to resize a ring

You might be tempted to try almost any at-home fix to make your engagement ring fit. However, there are some you should avoid or you run the risk of damaging your ring. We don’t recommend the following:

  • Candle wax - Some people melt candle wax onto the back of their ring to make it smaller. Not only is doing this a messy process and you run the risk of getting burnt, but the candle wax itself can damage some metal types, especially rings that are plated.
  • Glue - We absolutely would not recommend using a hot glue gun or liquid glue on your sparkling new engagement ring, although some people do! However, while you may be able to make your ring temporarily smaller, you could actually be damaging both the metal and stones in your ring.
  • DIY resizing - It goes without saying to leave the ring resizing to the professionals. Attempting to cut a piece of metal out of your engagement ring and fuse it back together in the size you need is a recipe for disaster!


Take advantage of our ring resizing service here at Angelic Diamonds and let our jewellers make your ring into a perfect fit. To get started, speak to our team today. They’re on-hand to offer any advice you may need on finding your perfect size.

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