Love is universal. People from all around the world have their own special ways of showing how they feel. While some cultures exchange wedding rings, others swap flower garlands or sip cups of sake. There’s no single way to tie the knot, and with so many different cultures, traditions, and laws around the world, why not look to your favourite destination for your own wedding inspiration?

As soon as you’ve put on your diamond engagement ring, your mind is sure to be racing with all your potential wedding plans. So, join us as we take a trip around the world to help you choose the perfect destination for your wedding and give you some inspiration from different cultures.

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To find the perfect place for your dream destination wedding, we’ve taken a variety of factors into account. We used Skyscanner to work out the costs of flights (based on one week during the most popular wedding month, September, for two people) and Trivago to find the average accommodation costs (based on one week in September for two people and considering the five top-rated hotels).

To discover each country’s popularity with couples from the UK, we scoured Instagram to find out which country had the most destination wedding posts tagged and looked at the average number of Google searches relating to destination weddings in each country.

We also calculated the number of churches in each country and the number of romantic hotels to find the places best suited to the wedding of your dreams.

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