Alice in Wonderland
Themed Wedding

Are you ready for an adventure down the rabbit hole? Turn your world upside down with a fun, quirky, and wonderfully bizarre Alice in Wonderland-themed wedding. If you want your wedding to be one to remember, this theme is perfect. You can be as creative and out-there as you like, and it's sure to be a whole lot of fun for all of your guests.

The eighth most searched for wedding theme, Alice in Wonderland weddings are searched for an average of 530 times a month in the UK. What's more, this theme is wonderfully Instagrammable, with its bright colours and quirky d├ęcor. Of our Wedflix shows and films, it has the 10th highest Instagram score of 5,300.

If you're looking for a fun, colourful, and playful wedding, but you're not completely set on Alice in Wonderland, why not consider a Lego-themed wedding instead?

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For the perfect Wonderland-ready wedding ring, we've chosen our gorgeous Karina engagement ring. This 18K white gold ring is set with a stunning central sapphire surrounded by diamonds in a cluster style design. The vintage style paired with the bold blue colour works wonderfully with the theme, bringing to mind Alice's classic blue dress.

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