Doctor Who
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Why should time or space be a hold-back when planning your wedding? If you settle on a Doctor Who-theme, you just know that your day special day is going to be out of this world! There's no limit to how far you can take this theme, and there are plenty of quirky extras out there to make it special. From a TARDIS photo booth to a life-size Dalek, this quirky theme allows you to incorporate a lot of fun elements.

Out of all of our Wedflix films and TV shows, Doctor Who is for the most committed fans with its serious binge-time! It would take you 489 hours to get through all of the episodes.

If you're set on a wedding that's totally out of this world, we've also compiled a plan for a Star Wars-themed wedding.

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The wedding ring we've picked out for the sci-fi wedding of your dreams is reminiscent of the TARDIS itself, with its deep blue colour and its emerald cut sapphire. Check out our stunning Ambra blue sapphire and diamond ring, set in 18K white gold.

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