Themed Wedding

With a little help from a snow machine, a bespoke ice sculpture, and a giant inflatable Olaf costume (and yes, that is an absolute necessity), it's possible to recreate the icy world of Frozen no matter what time of year.

You're sure to feel like royalty as you glide down the aisle in a shimmering gown worthy of Queen Elsa. And when the Frozen playlist (the second most popular on our Wedflix list with 22,265,737 listeners) plays at the reception, your guests won't be able to resist a singalong.

We know it's hard to pick between your favourite Disney princesses, but be sure to check out our Tangled-themed wedding page and our Beauty and the Beast-themed wedding page for more inspiration.

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The best bit? The stunning diamond engagement ring that wonderfully complements the magical winter wonderland theme. Not only does our gorgeous Genoa blue sapphire and diamond engagement ring perfectly match the colour palette, but the two sapphires could represent the two sisters, Elsa and Anna.

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