Game of Thrones
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Despite the dark wedding connotations many of us might connect to Game of Thrones (no one mention the Red Wedding!) couples across the country are still keen to tie the knot in true Westerosi style. Game of Thrones is our twelfth most popular Wedflix wedding theme, with the highest search volume being in the North West.

If you're looking for inspiration before you begin your planning, you'll have to dedicate some serious time to binging this series (73 hours to be precise). Or, if you're eager to get planning, why not get the playlist blasting instead?

Fantasy weddings are certainly popular, but Game of Thrones isn’t your only option. Check out our Lord of the Rings-themed wedding page for more fantastical inspiration.

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For the perfect Game of Thrones-inspired engagement ring, you won't want anything too contemporary looking. That's why we've picked out this stunning 9K yellow gold Mila ring. The blood-red ruby at the centre of this timeless three-stone yellow gold engagement ring evokes the medieval magic of Game of Thrones.

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