Great Gatsby
Themed Wedding

If you want to turn your wedding into the party of the century, then you could take a leaf out of Jay Gatsby's book. The key to throwing an excellent Great Gatsby-themed wedding is to throw the 'less is more' belief out of the window and create a spectacle!

This fun and aesthetically pleasing theme has an Instagram score of 10,600, so there's plenty of inspiration out there. To help you on your way, we've also planned out the wedding of your dreams themed around the roaring '20s.

If you're set on the 1920s as a backdrop, The Great Gatsby isn't your only option. Why not check out our Peaky Blinders-themed wedding ideas as well?

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As for the ring, there's no holding back on glitz and glamour. We've chosen our stunning Batilly halo cushion cut diamond engagement ring set in palladium. Not only does this halo engagement ring sparkle as much as one of Jay Gatsby's famous parties but the diamond is the same cut as the ring worn by his true love, Daisy.

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