Harry Potter
Themed Wedding

Everyone dreams of the day that they get their Hogwarts letter, so why not make it a reality by sending your wedding guests a handwritten invitation on parchment secured with a wax seal? Delivering it by owl might be slightly tricky though.

For many, the Harry Potter books and films have played a big role in their lives, so it makes sense that a Harry Potter-themed wedding is hugely popular. With 1,480 searches per month, a wizarding wedding is the second most popular theme in the UK.

In preparation for the big event, you might want to set aside a bit of time to binge the Harry Potter films (or as we like to call it, 'research'). Another way of getting in the magical mood is to listen to the iconic music on the Harry Potter playlist. Of all our Wedflix playlists, this one is the most listened to, with an incredible 46,634,566 views on YouTube.

If you're intrigued by the idea of a magical wedding but can't make up your mind, check out our other options, such as a Beauty and the Beast-themed wedding.

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Complete the theme with the diamond engagement ring of your dreams. Our stunning Chelsie white gold solitaire ring with beautifully ornamented shoulders would be perfect for evoking the magical wonder of the wizarding world.

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