The Little Mermaid
Themed Wedding

Have you found the Eric to your Ariel? Then what are you waiting for? Time to start planning a wedding that would make even King Triton shed a tear of happiness. The Little Mermaid is a beloved film and a popular wedding theme, with an average of 180 monthly searches.

If you think it's the perfect theme for you, allow us to guide you through the elements we've gathered together to create a wonderful wedding full to the brim of Disney magic. From the mermaid tail dress to the aquarium location, your wedding will most certainly be a day to remember.

For more Disney magic, we have some other great Wedflix themes. Check out our Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella-themed wedding pages.

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As for the all-important engagement ring, we've chosen a stand-out white gold ring halo engagement ring set with a stunning sea-green emerald – the shade of Ariel's tail. Take a look at our gorgeous Ivelet halo cut emerald and diamond ring.

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Here at Angelic Diamonds, we've dug deep for the data so you don't have to. First of all, we found out which wedding themes you love the most. We did this by analysing Google search data to find out which themes were searched for, on average, most often in the UK each month.

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