Lord of the Rings
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Once you've popped the question with the 'One Ring' then it's time to start preparing for the most talked about wedding in Middle Earth. If you and your partner are Tolkien fanatics, then there's no better way to mark your union than with a Lord of the Rings-themed wedding.

As this trilogy encompasses such a vast world with so many characters, there are endless ideas when it comes to planning your wedding. You could recreate the Shire, or even visit Hobbiton in New Zealand for the real deal! And with the Lord of the Rings playlist (which has an impressive 10,441,261 views), you already have the perfect music to set the scene.

If you're keen on the idea of a fantasy theme, but you're looking for more options, check out our Game of Thrones-themed wedding page for more inspiration.

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We've picked out a perfect Lord of the Rings-inspired engagement ring to complete this mystical theme. Our Petra emerald and diamond engagement ring is set in yellow gold, much like the One Ring and, thanks to the central emerald, it is also reminiscent of the elven leaf brooch worn by members of the Fellowship of the Ring. If you're keen to browse some further options, view our entire selection of yellow gold engagement rings.

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