Sleeping Beauty
Themed Wedding

Channel your inner princess and prepare for your true love's kiss. It's time to start planning your Sleeping Beauty-themed wedding. The 1959 Disney film has remained an absolute classic through the decades, and many happy couples today are still being inspired by the romantic fairy tale when it comes to planning their wedding.

If you swoon over the idea of this magical theme, we've got you covered. From the dream location (Hampton Court Castle) to the perfect pink Aurora dress, we're here to help you plan the fairy-tale wedding of your wildest dreams.

You're not alone in your desire for a Sleeping Beauty wedding. Across the country, there is an average of 210 searches per month for this theme, with the search hotspot being in the South East.

As well as Aurora, we've taken inspiration from other Disney princesses for our Wedflix themes. Visit our Frozen-themed wedding page, our Tangled-themed wedding page, and more.

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You'll look pretty in pink when you're walking down the aisle, and your engagement ring should match. We've picked out our gorgeous Valency halo pink sapphire and diamond engagement ring, set in breath-taking 18K yellow gold – perfect for the occasion! Be sure to view our entire selection of sparkling halo engagement rings if you're looking for more options.

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