Snow White
Themed Wedding

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest one of all? There's only one correct answer: you on your wedding day! If you're a Disney enthusiast and you've always wanted to step into the wonderful world of Snow White, then your themed wedding offers the perfect opportunity.

One of the more budget-friendly of our Wedflix options, the minimum cost of a Snow White-themed wedding comes to £17,743. If you're thinking of splashing out on the dream venue – the fairy-tale-ready Eastwood park – however, the cost will come to £20,243.

We know you deserve a wedding fit for a princess, and if Snow White isn't for you we've got plenty of other options. Check out our ideas for a Cinderella-themed wedding, a Little Mermaid-themed wedding, and more.

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The perfect diamond ring match for a Snow White-themed wedding is our stunning five stone blue sapphire and diamond Callaly ring set in 18K white gold. The beautiful frosty colour palette of this charming engagement ring will match your blue Snow White-themed dress wonderfully.

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