Star Wars
Themed Wedding

Are you dreaming of a space-age wedding in a galaxy far, far away? If so, why not bring the inter-galactic theme to Earth with a quirky Star Wars-themed wedding?

If you and your partner love Star Wars enough to theme your wedding around it, you should go all out! After all, you're not the only ones to feel inspired by this theme. In fact, of all of our Wedflix shows and films, Star Wars was the theme most featured on Instagram hashtags, with a total of 29,400 related posts!

If you're looking for different intergalactic wedding ideas, head over to our Doctor Who-themed wedding page.

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For a sci-fi wedding, your diamond engagement ring should be one of a kind! That's why we’ve picked out our quirky Jericho five stone diamond ring set in 18K white gold. The impressive collet set diamonds in this design are reminiscent of stars or even planets orbiting in a far-off solar system.

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