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Found your happily ever after? Mark the beginning of the rest of your life in true Disney Princess style. A Tangled-themed wedding is the perfect opportunity for joyful decorations and a whole lot of fun. Imagine a hundred floating lanterns like the ones that light up the kingdom of Corona, and multi-coloured flowers plaited through your hair – a beautiful wedding theme is already coming together.

We've done the research and found the perfect ingredients for the Tangled-themed wedding of your dreams. We've picked out the stunning Lulworth Castle as the location, and the setting looks like something straight out of a Disney film. With an Instagram score of 1,200, this theme is made for some stunning picture opportunities.

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We’ve also found a wonderful yellow gold engagement ring that perfectly complements the theme – our pink Lacey sapphire and diamond cluster ring set in 18K yellow gold. This piece is certainly fit for a princess!

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