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10 Autumn Wedding Ideas You’ll Want to Try ASAP

Even though summer might be the most popular time to get married, the warm and sunny season simply can’t compete with the magic that autumn offers. If you’re dreaming of crisp, golden leaves and gorgeous hues of red and orange being a major part of your big day, here are ten autumn wedding ideas you’ll want to try right now.

10 Autumn Wedding Ideas

1. Send out themed invitations

Let your guests know what to expect from the very beginning by decorating your wedding invitations with seasonal colours. You can even go a step further and include images of golden leaves, orange pumpkins and cinnamon sticks to enhance the autumn theme!

2. Choose merlot-coloured bridesmaid dresses

Swap traditional spring pastels and bright summery shades for your bridesmaid dresses for beautiful dark red hues. Darker colours will give your wedding photos a romantic, moody look and will really help your white gown stand out.

Choose merlot-coloured bridesmaid dresses

3. Embrace scented candles

Can you imagine how amazing it would be to walk down the aisle when it’s lined with your favourite autumn-scented candles? Whether you prefer the aroma of pumpkin, cinnamon, apple or chai, everyone will benefit from a sweet smelling church and the gentle flickering light that candles offer.

4. Provide soft blankets

If you’re holding any part of your wedding outside, it’s a great idea to provide large wooden hampers loaded with soft, fluffy blankets. You can match the colours of the blankets to the theme of your wedding or mix them up and have a little bit of everything for a rustic look.

Provide soft blankets

5. Introduce autumn leaves into your décor

Use leaves in dazzling shades of red, orange, yellow and gold to add a burst of warmth anywhere you like. They work really well as table centrepieces, chair decorations…pretty much anywhere you choose to put them!

6. …and in your bouquet

Another great place to add autumn leaves is in your bouquet. Combine the leaves with some red berries and seasonal grasses and you’ll have a uniquely gorgeous bouquet that looks like it came straight from a field.

your bouquet

7. Decorate your tables with pumpkins

Pumpkins are a classic, tell-tale sign it’s autumn, so incorporate them into your themed wedding by using them as table decorations. You can use artificial pumpkins so they all look identical or use natural ones for a charming mix of shapes, sizes and colours. You could even hollow them out and use them as candleholders!

8. Have a burlap table runner?

Not only does a burlap table runner look subtly striking, but the simple beige colour goes well with every wedding theme and the basic fabric design adds a fantastic rustic touch for a low cost.

Have a burlap table runner

9. Work autumn flavours in your food

Whether you’re planning a sit-down dinner or a stand-up buffet, you can always include autumn ingredients into your food. From spiced caramel cocktails and harvest pumpkin risotto to sweet pear sangria and warming sausage casserole, you’ve got a wealth of options when it comes to wedding food.

10. Use tiny tree stumps as place settings

Take thick branches and cut them into roughly 5cm chunks. Stand each chunk up right and slice half way down to create a notch. You can then write or print each guest’s name onto a piece of card and tuck it into the notch you made. The result is breathtakingly beautiful place settings for a budget-friendly price.

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