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5 Small Back Garden Wedding Ideas

Dream weddings are often pictured as extravagant affairs set in luxurious venues and brimming with opulence. But a regal castle wedding with thousands spent on decorations and hundreds of guests attending isn’t everyone’s idea of a perfect wedding. Some people prefer a more intimate event closer to home with just a few family and friends.

If saying “I do” in a low-key ceremony witnessed by a handful of people in a place you feel happy and comfortable sounds ideal, a small back garden wedding could be a fantastic choice for you. To help you get inspired, here are 5 modest wedding ideas to help you tie the knot at home

Decorate with fairy lights

It’s unlikely your garden has enough lighting to throw a party that will go on after sunset. Instead of spending a lot on expensive outdoor lights, use twinkling fairy lights to add a sense of magic and whimsy to your back garden. You can drape them over fences, through bushes or over trees — anywhere that could do with a little brightening up at night.

Create a relaxing zone?

Set up a lounge area with comfy furniture where guests can go to relax and chat. If you’ve got the space, you can set up a gazebo to provide shade for wicker sofas decorated with rustic cushions. If your garden’s on the small side, you can simply place some large floor pillows and blankets in one corner for guests to use

Make an outdoor bar

To avoid having people walking through your house all day, make an outdoor bar. Combine wooden elements with leaves and flowers for an inspired-by-nature feel. Remember that you don’t have to have an alcohol bar. You can load up your bar with mocktails, ice cream, cupcakes, donuts — whatever you fancy.

Play lawn games

Keep guests entertained by having lawn games for them to play with. A giant Jenga set, makeshift mini golf course and ten-pin bowling are all great affordable and accessible ideas. You can even customise the games by painting them in your wedding colours. One of the best things about lawn games is that they’re suitable for guests of all ages, so everyone can get involved.

Have a rain plan?

Let’s face it — in the UK, there’s a good chance it will rain on your wedding day. So your big day can go ahead no matter what, it’s important you have a rain plan. Is there somewhere inside your house you could hold the ceremony? Or maybe you could hire a tent to cover your garden if it starts raining?

Whatever you decide, make sure you’ve got a realistic rain plan in place and don’t be too upset if you have to use it.

Less is more

Bigger doesn’t always mean better. Small back garden weddings can be every bit as spectacular and memorable as vastly lavish affairs. Plus, the money you’ve saved by hosting your wedding at home can be put toward other things, such as fancier wedding rings or a more exotic honeymoon

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