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Why It’s Okay to Choose Your Own Engagement Ring

At Angelic Diamonds, we see more and more couples choosing engagement rings together. Yet despite it being such a popular thing to do, the bride-to-be helping to pick out her own engagement ring is still sometimes frowned upon.

If you’re thinking about choosing your own engagement ring, that’s great. Don’t be put off by what others say. Here are four reasons why it’s perfectly okay (and sometimes better!) to pick your own ring.

Takes the pressure off your partner and others

Some people really struggle to pick an engagement ring for their partner. While they might know your favourite film, favourite food and favourite place to go on holiday, many get lost when it comes to what kind of jewellery you like. To help them make the decision, some turn to your friends and family, which can work out either way, depending on their jewellery tastes.

Make shopping for an engagement ring easy for your partner and loved ones by helping to choose it yourself. This way your partner will know for sure you’re getting a ring you want and can even guarantee it will be in the right size.

You get a ring you’ll love forever

You get a ring you’ll love forever?

No one wants to return an engagement ring, and if it’s been customised, that isn’t even an option. But no one wants to wear an engagement ring they hate for the rest of their lives either. It’s a tricky situation to find yourself in.

Avoid having to disappoint your partner by helping them pick out your ring. You can try on different styles to see which you like the best and even take a look at matching wedding bands for the future.

It’s a major decision for someone to make on your behalf

It’s a major decision for someone to make on your behalf?

An engagement ring is a major purchase. As you’ll soon be saving up for a wedding, you might prefer to scale things back a little and choose an affordable engagement ring so you can spend more on the wedding or your life together after the big day.

By selecting an engagement ring together, you can get everything out on the table and openly discuss finances and expectations. This way no one feels betrayed and you can start the path to marriage on the right foot.

Get you working together in preparation for your wedding

Get you working together in preparation for your wedding

For your big day to run smoothly, it’s essential you work well together as a team. There are going to be little problems on the run up to your wedding, as well as unforeseen issues on the day. To work them out and have a wedding that’s memorable for all the right reasons, teamwork is a must.

While you’ve undoubtedly worked on things together before, purchasing an engagement ring as a couple is a great way to test out your teamworking skills. There are many different decisions you’ll have to make as a unit and there could be some compromising involved, too.

It’s your choice

Whether you choose your own engagement ring or you leave it to your partner to surprise you is really your choice. As long as your partner understands you, they’ll know which option you’d prefer and will be able to plan accordingly. An engagement ring is the very start of a brand new beginning. And choosing it should be a time of love and happiness, not frustration.

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