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7 Reasons to Have a Winter Wedding

Although ordinary weddings with singing, dancing and hugging seem like a far-distant memory, they will return. And while you’re unlikely to be having a winter wedding this year, there’s no reason you can’t dream and plan for the future.

To get you into the mood for your big day, here are seven reasons that will convince you to swap your beachside summer wedding for a magical winter wonderland wedding instead.

7 Reasons to Have a Winter Wedding

More dates to choose from

December, January and February are the least popular months to get married in the UK. This is great news if you’re planning a winter wedding because it means there’s very little competition for dates. You’ll find it much easier to land a Saturday wedding in December than in July.

Greater choice of venues

Similarly, you’ll also find fewer venues are booked up when you begin to inquire about availability. If you’ve always pictured a romantic wedding in a huge castle with impressive open fireplaces and grand dining rooms, your chosen venue will be much easier to secure in winter.

Greater choice of venues

Cheaper prices

Due to low demand, venues, caterers, photographers…almost all professionals involved in the wedding industry lower their prices at this time of year to boost business. If someone you want to hire hasn’t dropped their rates for winter, you could always try a bit of persuasive haggling.

Snow on your wedding day

Can you imagine how spectacular it would be to have snow on your wedding day? Those photos would be something you’d want to plaster all over Instagram! While snow on your wedding day isn’t guaranteed, you’ve got a much greater chance by having your wedding in winter than any other time of year.

Snow on your wedding day

Early nights

Early winter nights are usually a bad thing, but not for your wedding. When the nights draw in early, you can start your evening party earlier, giving you longer to enjoy it. The moment dusk sets in, you can turn on the fairy lights, light the fireplaces and hand out mulled wine for a festive party.

Seasonal highlight

Aside from Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties, most people don’t have a lot going on during winter. This means that not only will everyone you invite likely accept your invitation, your wedding could also be the seasonal highlight since it will have no other weddings to compete with.

Seasonal highlight

One to remember

Since they’re so uncommon, winter weddings are incredibly memorable. Over the years, people go to so many similar spring and summer weddings that they can rarely tell them apart. Winter weddings with fluffy blankets, hot chocolate bomb favours and sleigh rides are sure to stand out.

Dare to be different

Winter is the least popular time of year to get married. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. With more available dates, a greater choice of venues and lower prices to think about, not to mention captivating snowy scenes, soul-warming cocktails and gorgeous decorations, winter is a great time to have the wedding of your dreams for a fraction of the cost and hassle.


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