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7 Fun Beach Wedding Ideas

Beach weddings are so popular because they’re the perfect balance of romance, relaxation and fun. Wearing a stunning flowing dress and walking down the aisle with the sand between your toes while the sun shines brightly down on you is one of the best ways to celebrate the happiest day of your life.

If you’re planning a wedding by the sea, here are 7 fun beach wedding ideas you’ve got to incorporate into your big day.

Fun Beach Wedding

Give Sunglasses as Favours

The best wedding favours are the practical ones your guests will actually use. And your friends and family will find nothing more useful on a bright and sunny day than a pair of shades. Place them on a table along with a witty sign like ‘Don’t be blinded by our love. Grab a pair of sunglasses!’ for an extra touch of whimsy.

Wear Beachy Shoes

No matter how pretty white wedding heels are, they’re simply not practical for a beach wedding. But that doesn’t mean you have to slump for plain old flip flops under your dress. There’s a huge choice of stunning barefoot-style sandals with stylish French lace, delicate gold details, classic ivory pearls – whatever you’re looking for.

Mermaid Wedding Dress

Mermaid Wedding Dress

While you can pick any bridal dress you want to for your beachy wedding, why not stick with the theme and choose a dress in a mermaid design? Find one with a large and flowy tulle skirt and a beautiful sweetheart neckline to enhance the mermaid look.

Coastal-Themed Wedding Cake

There are so many ways you can tie your wedding cake in with your beach theme. You can keep it simple and decorate it with real shells (or chocolates that look like shells if you want the whole thing to be edible); have it coated in mermaid-inspired blue, purple and pink icing; or even get the baker to dust it in biscuit crumbs to give it a sandy effect. The options are practically endless!

Message in a Bottle Guestbook

Message in a Bottle Guestbook?

Forget about getting all your guests to sign a bulky guestbook that will go straight into the loft when you get home and opt for a fun message in a bottle system instead. Grab one empty wine bottle (or a few if it’s a large wedding) and get all your guests to write a note and pop it inside. Take the bottle home with you then open it in a year’s time and read all the wonderful messages.

Seashell Boutonnieres

If you don’t want to decorate your wedding cake with seashells, how about switching out traditional flower boutonnieres for seashell ones? Again, you can use real shells collected from the beach or have fake ones made up to tie in with your colour scheme. If you go down the artificial route, you could even have boutonnieres in the shapes of starfish, crabs or seahorses.

Paper Lantern Release

Paper Lantern Release

Instead of using fireworks to end your big day, get everyone together and give them all a paper lantern to light and release. This is a great way to help everyone feel part of your wedding and is guaranteed to be much more memorable than a firework display. Don’t forget to make sure your photographer’s on hand to take plenty of photos!

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