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8 Spring Wedding Ideas You’ll Fall in Love With

The smell of freshly-cut grass drifting through the air, delicate flowers of all colours in bloom and the slightest suggestion of warm sunshine make spring one of the best seasons in which to get married. If you want to weave the freshness of spring into your big day, take a look at these magical spring wedding ideas.

The smell of freshly-cut grass

1. Baby’s Breath Boutonnieres

Add a touch of spring to the groom’s outfit with a rustic boutonniere made from a tiny bouquet of baby’s breath wrapped in brown string or burlap. The creamy white flowers and pale green stems will look beautiful againsta suit of any colour.

2. April Shower Centrepieces

Really embrace the “April showers bring May flowers” saying by being playful with your table centrepieces. Mini wellington boots and watering cans stuffed with wild flowers make adorable centrepieces and can be customised to work with any colour theme.

April Shower Centrepieces

3. Prosecco Bar

Instead of your guests ordering cocktails, let them have fun making their own with a prosecco bar. All you’ve got to do is provide bottles of bubbly and fun mix-ins like fresh strawberries, peach puree, elderflower syrup or even edible glitter. Anything that tastes great and looks pretty will work perfectly.

4. Spring Flowers in Your Bouquet

Seasonal spring bouquets always look so stunning because there are so many gorgeous flowers to choose from! Some particularly beautiful examples include tulips, hyacinths, peonies, anemones, lilacs, calla lilies, hydrangeas, delphiniums, sweet peas and pink gerberas. Mix the bright colours with some white flowers and green leaves for a breath-taking and balanced bouquet.

Prosecco Bar

5. Succulent Favours

Giving your guests small succulent plants as wedding favours is a great way to tie the gifts in with your theme while giving your guests something they’ll genuinely want to keep. Plant the succulents in tiny fish bowl-like pots, decorate with a couple of pebbles and fill a table with them so your guests can take one each. Every time they see the plant at home, they’ll be reminded of your special day!

6. Floral Hair Adornments

Flowers aren’t just for the bouquet – they look great in your hair, too! Keep it simple and have your stylist enhance your tresses with floral crowns, combs, headbands or tiaras. You can keep it natural and have your head gear made with fresh flowers or choose one made from gemstones and crystals.

Floral Hair Adornments

7. Flower Cake Decorations

Bright, colourful flowers can also bring a burst of life to a simple white wedding cake. You can use real flowers as long as their edible and pesticide-free(like begonias, carnations, chrysanthemums, daylilies, fuschias, hibiscus and marigolds) or get your baker to create edible flowers out of fondant or icing in colours that tie in with your theme.

8. Pastel Bridesmaid Dresses

Long, flowy bridesmaid dresses always look stunning in pastel colours. You can keep it light-hearted and fun with yellow or pink dresses or keep it classy and sophisticated with blue and purple dresses. Pair them with simple white flowers and accessories for an understated springtime look.

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