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4 Creative Proposal Ideas She’ll Never See Coming

Popping the question is one of the most important things you’ll ever do. Not only does it determine the one person you’ll spend the rest of your life with, but it is also something that will be remembered and talked about for years to come.

The gift that keeps on  giving

The last thing you want is for your fiancé-to-be to figure out you’re going to propose before you get the chance to drop down on one knee. So to keep things as hush-hush as possible, here are four creative proposal ideas she’ll never see coming.

A picture says a  thousand words

1. The gift that keeps on giving

Make Christmas even more exciting my proposing on December 25th. Hang the ring box like an ornament somewhere in the tree where she won’t spot it straight away. After you’ve both opened all your presents, tell her that there’s one left somewhere in the tree and she has to find it. You can even buy specially-designed ring boxes that look like Christmas tree decorations exactly for this kind of proposal so she’ll never suspect a thing. It’s guaranteed to be her favourite gift of the year!

2. A picture says a thousand words?

This proposal idea is also a great way to get that special moment captured forever on film without hiring a photographer. Find a photo booth somewhere near a place you often go together and the next time you’re going to be in the area, make sure you’ve got the ring in your pocket. Suggest you jump in the booth and take a few silly photos together. Do the usual smiles and funny faces for the first couple of photos then pull the ring out and propose while there are still some shots left. You’ll catch her totally off guard and capture her emotions perfectly.

The double surprise

3. The double surprise

Make her next birthday one she’ll never forget by not only throwing her a surprise party, but proposing at the same time! Get a big group of family or friends together and have them each hold a card with one letter to spell out “Happy Birthday ______!” When she enters the room, have everyone jump out with their cards. Let the surprise sink in for a couple of seconds before everyone turns their cards around to reveal letters spelling out “Will you marry me, ______?” on the other side. She’ll be doubly shocked and everyone will get to see the wonderful look on her face.

4. A five-star performance

Flash mob proposals are hugely popular and involve months of dance and sometimes singing practise in preparation of a surprise mini-performance that ends in you asking your partner to marry you. After you’ve chosen your dancers (you can use friends/family or hire professionals online) and perfected your routine, ask your partner to go out somewhere with you. Make sure the location matches the outfit you’re wearing so you don’t tip her off. When you get to the spot, get ready to break into dance for a Hollywood-worthy proposal you’ll both remember forever.

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