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5 Romantic Proposal Ideas She’ll Love

Your proposal is so much more than just asking the love of your life to marry you. It marks the start of your wonderful life together, the first chapter of an incredible book you’ll spend the rest of your lives writing in unison. This one act is so important that you’ve really got to make it memorable.

There’s plenty of time to plan the perfect proposal, so don’t rush it. To give you some inspiration to help you on your way, here are 5 romantic proposal ideas that will guarantee you get the response you’re looking for.Surprise proposal in  public

Surprise proposal in public

Plan a day out to a place that’s got a personal significance to you both. Make sure you’ve got your camera or phone with you and when the time’s right, ask a stranger to take a photo of you together with your camera or phone. Instead of posing for the picture, drop down onto one knee and propose! Your fiancé-to-be will be totally surprised and you’ll also get a free photo to remember your proposal.

Walk down memory lane proposal

Tie a red ribbon from the inside of your front door to a room at the other end of your home. Along it, pin or clipanything memories of the times you’ve spent together. Photos, tickets from days out, small notes, anything like that will make your partner smile. Stand at the other end of the house, with the end of the red ribbon in one hand and the engagement ring in the other, ready to propose when your partner walks in.

Written in the sand proposal


Written in the sand proposal

If you’re planning a beach proposal, wait until your partner is reading, napping or otherwise not paying attention to you. Sneak off to a quiet spot on the beach, write ‘Will you marry me?’ in the sand or spell it out in seashells. Go back to your partner and suggest you take a walk along the beach together. When you get to the right spot, drop down on one knee and present the ring.

Treasure hunt proposal

On Valentine’s Day, Christmas or their birthday, tell your fiancé-to-be they’ve got to find their present. Hand them a note with a clue that leads them to the next note. On every note, write a reason why you love them, along with a clue to finding the next note. While they’re hunting for notes, stand in the final clue spot with the engagement ring and a note that says ‘For all these reasons and more, will you marry me?’ Drop to your knees and hand her the final note when she enters the room.

Restaurant proposal

Restaurant proposal

Forget about hiding the ring in the dessert. Instead, have a spoon customised with the words ‘Will you marry me?’ (You can get these from plenty of places online. Just Google it.) Plan your proposal with the restaurant in advance and make sure they’ve got the spoon. When her dessert arrived with the customised spoon, drop down on one knee and present the ring.

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