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10 Winter Wedding Ideas for the Perfect Winter Wonderland Wedding

With the promise of delicate snowflakes, a crisp freshness in the air and the change to snuggle up by a roaring fire, winter is one of the most magical times of the year, making it an excellent season to get married in. If you’re dreaming of the ideal winter wonderland wedding, here are ten winter wedding ideas you’ve got to include in your big day.

Hot Chocolate Bar

1. Hot Chocolate Bar

Give your guests a sweet and yummy way to warm up with a hot chocolate bar. You can keep it simple and provide nothing more than mugs, hot chocolate and whipped cream. Or go all out and also offer them marshmallows, sprinkles, chocolate shavings, flavoured syrups and bottles of spirits.

2. Pinecone Place Names

One of the easiest and cheapest winter wedding ideas you can pull off yourself, pinecone place names are so beautiful and elegant you’ll want to keep them forever. Simply collect lots of small pinecones, sprinkle over a bit of glitter and tuck in the name cards.

3. Decorate Your Cake with Sugared Cranberries

Not only are sugared cranberries a great addition to a cheeseboard, but they look gorgeous on a white wedding cake, too! Add a few sprigs of green rosemary and a couple of clean twigs or pinecones and you’ve got yourself a beautiful Christmas-themed cake with a nature-inspired flair.

Cosy Blankets

4. Cosy Blankets

You don’t want anyone to get chilly and have to leave early on your big day. So make sure everyone stays warm and cosy by providing a basket full of blankets for guests to wrap round themselves if the temperature drops. You can even add a cute sign that says “To have and to hold, in case you get cold” for an extra sweet touch.

5. Knitted Jumper Ring Cushion

If you’re handy with a pair of knitting needles (or can call in a favour from someone who is!) making knitted jumper cushions for the rings is pretty easy to do and adds a really warm, rustic feel to the ceremony. All you need to do is stitch a tiny pillow using felt, fill it with stuffing then knit a cosy jumper for it.

6. Tree Candleholders

Another winter wedding idea that’s easy to do yourself if you have access to the right equipment, turning thin tree stumps into unique candleholders is much simpler than it looks. Saw the stump into pieces about 10cm high, hollow each one out and carve a heart-shaped window into the side so you can see the candle flickering within.

Tree Candleholders

7. Decorate with Holly

Holly is one of the most iconic winter plants and you can easily incorporate it into your décor. Whether you opt for real or artificial holly, attach a piece of white ribbon to the plant and tie it around the end of each pew for a subtle yet effective festive decoration.

8. White and Silver Colour Theme

For a real winter wonderland theme, stick with white as your main décor colour with a sprinkling of silver and grey. Keeping everything in these three colours, from bridesmaid outfits, cake and bouquet to centrepieces, tablecloths and crockery, creates a beautiful wintery effect.

9. Create a Seasonal Winter Bouquet?

Embrace white and red flowers to create a captivating winter bouquet. Some delicate white flowers you can include are: amaryllis, stephanotis, magnolia, anemone, orchid and gardenia. And some charming red flowers you can include are: poinsettia, tulip, carnation, rose, holly and ranunculus.

10. Have a Guest “Log”?

Instead of getting guests to sign an ordinary paper log, get them to sign a real, genuine log! Get your hands on a slice of a large log and decorate the outside of it with glitter. Don’t forget to provide your guests with thin felt-tipped pens to sign it, since ordinary ink pens likely won’t do the job. At the end of the day, you’ll have a beautiful momento you can hang in your home.


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