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The Best People to Ask When Buying an Engagement Ring

Who to ask for advice when buying an engagement ring

Your mother

She’s helped you out with countless things over the years and helping you pick out an engagement ring for your bride-to-be is something most mothers would jump at the chance to do. If she has an engagement ring, she’ll know all the important questions to ask, some of which probably never even occurred to you. Before you go down this route you need to be fairly certain that your mother has at least a rough idea of the type of jewellery your partner likes. You don’t want to end up having to exchange the engagement ring and explain the situation to your mother without offending her.

Your mother-in-law

An alternative option is your mother-in-law. She’s more likely to understand the type of jewellery her daughter likes, but you need to be sure she won’t ruin the surprise before you propose. Shopping with your mother-in-law also gives you the chance to see what different settings and ring styles would look like on a hand that should be a similar size and shape to your bride-to-be.

The Best People to Ask When Buying an Engagement Ring

The bride-to-be’s best friend

No one knows the kind of jewellery your partner will love better than her best friend. If you’re lucky, the pair could have discussed engagement rings before and her friend might already know exactly which ring she wants. But even if they’ve never talked about engagement rings at all, it’s fairly certain she’ll know what type of precious metal, setting and diamond shape she’ll prefer. Her best friend can even help you gauge your bride-to-be’s ring size if she can subtly get her to try her own engagement ring on and see if it’s too large, too small or just right.

Angelic Diamonds’ experts

And then, of course, there’s us! We’ve helped many customers choose their perfect engagement ring and provide step-by-step guidance and assistance throughout the entire shopping process. Whether you want to choose one of the hundreds of designs from our website and customise it with your choice of metal type and diamond specifications, or work alongside our designers to create a bespoke ring that’s truly unique, we’ll help you choose the perfect ring your bride-to-be will love forever.


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