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5 Ways to Keep the Sparkle in Your Diamond Wedding Ring

Your engagement and wedding rings are two of your most treasured possessions. With this in mind, we’ve devised five tips to help keep them safe and sparkling forever…

Keep your diamonds rings separate

Diamond is the hardest substance known to humankind. This means they can easily scratch other gemstones and metals on your rings. It’s also important to note that diamonds can scratch other diamonds. For this reason, we advise keeping your rings separate from each other. You should keep them safe in their own soft cloth pouches or boxes when you take them off.

Protect your rings from chemicals

Harsh chemicals found in household detergents can dull the finish of your metal rings, and erode their settings. As a result, it’s a good idea to take off your rings when scrubbing the bathroom, washing the dishes, or doing any other chores involving household cleaners.

Never ever use solutions like bleach, acetone or chlorine to clean your rings as they can break down base metals. In addition, products like baking soda and toothpaste are abrasive and will scratch metals – gold is soft and therefore particularly vulnerable to such issues.

Take your rings to a jeweller twice a year?

We advise avoiding ultrasonic home-cleaning machines, especially if your ring has a pavé setting. This is because even a slight error in workmanship could weaken the prongs and dislodge the diamonds. Instead, take your rings to a jeweller for maintenance twice a year to avoid searching frantically for your diamond on all fours.

Take off the rings when you play sports

Do you play sports that involve holding an object in your hand? Whenever you play tennis, or do weights, you need to be careful not to knock the gem out of place. This is especially true of thin rings. With all of this in mind, take off your rings before doing sports to be safe, rather than sorry.

Insure your rings

As previously stated, your two rings are likely to be your most precious possessions. While you may not want to think about losing or damaging either of them, insurance will help give you peace of mind.

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