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9 Wedding Favours Your Guests Will Love

Your ceremony went exactly as planned and your reception was a huge win. Now your big day is coming to an end and it’s time to send your friends and family away with a gift that will always remind them of this special day. But choosing the perfect wedding favour is definitely easier said than done!

Get it right and your guests will happily take their carefully chosen gift home and smile each time they see it. But get it wrong and you’ll find that most of your wedding favours get left behind.

9 best wedding favours

Individually-packaged artisan truffles

1. Individually-packaged artisan truffles

Extra points if they’re made by a local chocolatier. 2-4 chocolates per person in simple, elegant packaging makes for a very sophisticated wedding favour.

2. Homemade biscuits

You’ve probably got enough on your hands with planning a wedding. But if you’re having a small gathering, your guests will absolutely appreciate a homemade biscuit each! You can bake them in advance and freeze them so they’re ready for your big day.

Wildflower seed cards

3. Wildflower seed cards

The simple type of cards with the seeds embedded in them. All your guests have to do is toss them in their garden, sprinkle on some water, and wait for the wildflowers to bloom. This is an excellent idea for a spring wedding.

4. Luggage tags

An excellent idea if you’re having a destination wedding, luggage tags are almost guaranteed to be used. Choose ones in bright colours with a fun travel-related slogan on and your guests will spot their luggage on the carousel every time.

Drinks with personalised labels

5. Drinks with personalised labels

Choose craft beer, mini prosecco, mini wine, or high-end soft drinks and personalize each label so every guest has a bottle with their name on it. This is a really thoughtful gesture that shows you’ve taken your guests into account when choosing the favours.

6. Edible locally-made gifts

Small pots of jam or honey, jars of olive oil or coarse salt, and small bottles of local spirits all make brilliant wedding favours. How exciting you can get depends on where you’re hosting your wedding, but you should be able to get a little creative anywhere.

Photo strips from a photobooth

7. Photo strips from a photobooth

This idea covers 2 things in 1! A photobooth is a great way to keep your guests entertained at your wedding and they can take their photos with them as their favour. It’s a fun way for them to remember the day.

8. Weather-appropriate favours

If it’s predicted to be hot and sunny on your wedding day, consider providing guests with paper fans and/or sunglasses they can use during your ceremony and take home. Alternatively, if it’s set to rain or be cold, think about offering them umbrellas and/or blankets.

Charity contribution

9. Charity contribution

You could come up with the best wedding favour ever and it still not going to be to everyone’s taste. But no one can argue with a charity donation. Leave small cards on each table explaining that you donated the money that was originally set aside for wedding favours.

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