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Angelic Diamonds’ Ultimate Love Playlist

As lovebirds prepare for Valentine’s Day, our Angelic Diamonds team has pulled together the Ultimate Love Playlist – a run-down of the 100 most popular love songs.

You might ask what makes this playlist better than any other you can find on digital music services? It’s a good question. But here at Angelic Diamonds, we’re all about quality control.

Over 3,000 Spotify playlists and more than 125,000 tracks were examined to bring you the best songs to reignite the passion or woo that Tinder date you haven’t quite won over yet.

We tracked Spotify playlists which included words relating to love and collated the songs which appeared most frequently. Making use of a sentiment analysis tool, we have also been able to record how happy or sad a song was, while an additional layer tracks the frequency of the word ‘love’ in the songs featured.

The results have certainly thrown up some curveballs, with some songs that you would yell out on a quick-fire round missing out. The number one track was not even on the radar of some of the team at Angelic Diamonds.

Angelic Diamonds Love Playlist

Donna Lewis and Richard Marx’s ‘At The Beginning’ featured on a whopping 496 playlists and coming in at number one. The song, from Disney’s 1997 animation Anastasia, is the number one choice for the Ultimate Love Playlist.

It was a long-way clear of the second most popular track, ‘All of Me’ by John Legend, who made his way onto 257 love-themed playlists.

You couldn’t have an Ultimate Love Playlist without the likes of Whitney Houston, Beyonce, or Ed Sheeran. Shockingly, it seems Celine Dion was not romantic enough anymore, as 90s hit ‘My Heart Will Go On’ failed to make the cut, despite spending 16 weeks at number one in the UK charts in 1998.

Ed Sheeran’s romantic nature shines through, as he is represented by no fewer than seven tracks on the top 100 playlist.

In third and fourth spots on the list are ‘Thinking Out Loud’ and ‘Perfect’ with Houston’s ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ featuring at number six.

The more famous ‘I Will Always Love You’, the tune behind 1992 romantic thriller The Bodyguard, only places at number 37 on the Ultimate Love Playlist.

An interesting element that we’ve included in our research is a sentiment score, which tracks how happy or sad a song is. It is probably not too much of a shock that Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’ is the saddest song on our list.

Elton John had the happiest track, as ‘Your Song’ heralded a score of 99, 100 being the highest mark possible.

We even recorded the amount of times the word ‘love’ featured in a song. We didn’t think it was possible that in a track lasting less than four minutes you could mention any word 80 times — Kygo and Whitney Houston managed just that with the 2019 hit ‘Higher Love’.

Selena Gomez managed 48 ‘love’ mentions with 2020 banger ‘Lose You to Love Me’, while Donna Lewis’ ‘At The Beginning’ made reference to ‘love’ just twice.

Want to serenade your loved one with the top love songs? We have created the Angelic Diamonds playlist.

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