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How to Choose the Right Setting for Your Engagement Ring

To make sure your engagement ring turns heads in the right way, it is vital to choose the correct setting to complement your diamond. In case all of the different styles are confusing you, here is our guide to help find the perfect setting for your engagement ring:


The prong setting (also known as ‘the claw’) is a very popular choice. It uses less metal to hold the diamond in place, and therefore allows more light to pass through it. If you want extra flash and shine, the prong setting is a wonderful choice.



The channel setting secures diamonds into place, and sits them flush with the metal to create a smooth channel. A number of diamonds sit closely together and adorn the side of the ring.

Do you have an active lifestyle, but still want an engagement ring that turns heads? If so, the channel gives you dazzling sparkle, while the metals keep your diamonds secure. The lack of prongs also makes the ring unlikely to snag on your clothes or scratch your skin.



The pavé setting takes its name from the French for ‘to pave’. And this setting is perfect if you wish to pave your engagement ring in diamonds! The pavé sets groups of small gems into place and makes the ring appear to sparkle all the way around. It does this by minimising the visibility of the metal.

Have you chosen a low-set centre stone, or one that doesn’t sparkle as much as you would like? If so, choose the pavé setting to give it more ‘pop’.



The name of the halo setting refers to the way in which diamonds sit in a circle or square around a centre stone. This helps increase the overall sparkle of the ring. So if you have a centre stone that is a little small, the halo setting will give it more presence. It’s also a great choice if you want to add different colour diamonds to your ring for extra contrast.



The bezel setting includes a metal rim that secures the diamond in place using a girdle. The bezel gives your ring a very striking appearance and can also make the stone seem larger than in it is.

The design of the bezel prevents the diamond from snagging, or scratching others. If you use your hands a lot or play sport, choose the bezel setting for a blend of the practical and the beautiful.



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