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How to keep your engagement ring sparkling bright

Has your other half just popped the question? If so, you might have a brand-new piece of sparkling jewellery to take care of. It’s important that you know how to properly look after your new ring so that it stays looking this way. Read on for our top tips:

Keeping your ring gleaming

We would advise taking your engagement ring to a jeweller at least every two years for a ‘service’. Here, they will check for any loose stones, preventing them from dropping out before you realise. Of course, over time whilst looking after your engagement ring you will need to clean it. Avoid using cleaning chemicals, abrasive liquids or alcoholic beverages (if you are using cleaning products for another purpose remove your ring first). Using any of the previous liquids leaves a sticky residue and attracts more dirt. Instead take a jug of warm water and add a dash of washing up liquid. Soak your diamond engagement ring and an old toothbrush in the water until cool. Using the toothbrush dab at the ring and dry off using a lint free cloth. Pearl, or a softer stone, should be treated even more carefully and avoid contact with anything abrasive or chemical. If you are not totally confident at cleaning your engagement ring, then you should take it to a professional to clean and look over it once a year.

Fun fact: It is believed that the exchanging of rings dates to ancient Egypt. Egyptians exchanged circular rings made from braided reeds to be placed on their left-hand ring finger. Symbolising eternity and being on the vena amoris which runs directly to the heart, Egyptians started off the tradition that we carry on to this day.

Steps for extra care

It may take a while for you to get used to wearing an engagement ring, but you need to be aware that some activities can damage your ring. We recommend that you don’t wear your engagement ring whilst doing heavy handwork, washing up, gardening or exercise. When bathing, washing your hands and swimming you should remove your ring to avoid damage. Exerting force on your ring, even from wearing rings on both hands and clapping, can loosen and cause stones, including diamonds, to crack.

Keeping your ring safe

Understandably, there will be occasions when you’ll have to remove your ring. You’ll want to keep it as safe as possible of course. Looking after your engagement ring properly involves placing it within a soft cloth in a ring box when you are not wearing it. You should aim to remove it whilst you sleep and when dressing or undressing to avoid the prongs catching on the material. We also suggest that you take out insurance for your engagement ring as it can be one of the third biggest life purchases after buying a house or car.

Funfact: Before the jewellery boxes that we have today, jewellery was stored in decorated boxes or caskets. This was to keep precious items safe for the afterlife. It wasn’t until the Victorian era that fine jewellery became more affordable and jewellery boxes became smaller to take up less space.

Extra tips

We do have some more top tips to follow for keeping your ring in tip-top condition:

  • Try to avoid using lotions, creams, hairsprays or other cosmetic items when you’re wearing your ring.
  • Get yourself a keepsake box to store your engagement ring when you’re not wearing it. You could engrave it with the special date to remind you of the magical moment.

Find out more about caring for your engagement ring in this article by Wedition.

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