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How to Measure Your Other Half’s Ring Size (discreetly)

You might have chosen the perfect engagement ring, but you still need to know what size to order. You don’t want to ruin the surprise by asking them outright, and discretion is important — follow the advice below to make sure the secret isn’t revealed.

Making the measurements

For many, choosing the size of the ring can be the hardest part of planning an engagement. It’s understandable that you want it to fit when you pop the question, but this is difficult! There are a few things that you can do, though…

Subtle investigation

Do some detective work to try and find out the ring size.

Although you’d have to spill the secret to a few other people, why not ask their friends and family? Perhaps your loved one has been jewellery shopping before with their parents or friends and they remember the finger size. Or, they may have similar-sized hands to a sibling and you can make a fair judgement from there.

Or, could you sneakily borrow a ring they don’t wear often? If it’s a ring that’s worn on their fourth finger you could take it to a jeweller to get an accurate measurement. If you don’t think that you would get away with taking the ring for this long, simply trace the inside and outside of the ring and take it to a specialist.

An interactive size guide

If your partner removes their jewellery before going in the bath or shower you could use Angelic Diamond’s interactive size guide to determine which lettered ring you should buy.

Simply print off our guide and make sure that your page scaling settings are set to ‘none’ so that the sizing is accurate. Place the ring over the circles and match the diameter of your ring to that of the circles on the page. If you find that the ring size is between sizes, take measurement from the larger circle.

Following your instinct

Sometimes the best thing to do is to go with your gut instinct. When looking at some ring sizes, try to imagine which size your partner is — it’s likely that you’d have a good guess. Or, think about your hands compared to theirs — are any of your fingers a similar size to their ring finger? Don’t rule this option out, you might know your partner better than you think!

Popular ring sizes

If you’re still stuck on choosing the right size, you could go for the most popular size.

For women, this is ring size ‘M’. This size is a 6.25 in US and Canada sizing, and is 16.7 mm in inside diameter. If your partner has smaller fingers, it’s likely that she could be a size J which is 4.75 on the US and Canada chart with an inside diameter of 15.5. And, for larger fingers, their size is probably around a Q — 8.25 in US and Canada sizing and 18.3mm in diameter. For a complete size guide, including equivalent measurements from other countries, visit our ring size guide page.

If you choose a ring that doesn’t fit, don’t panic! Angelic Diamonds will replace your ring at no extra cost for one that is perfectly matched to your other half. If you haven’t decided on the ring yet, browse our range of elegant diamond rings or create a unique ring through our bespoke design service.

For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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