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The Biggest Love Dilemmas Revealed

Everyone's relationship is different, but we are often faced with similar issues.Everyone wants to feel good – a carefree, happy life that is full of love andhealthy relationships. We want to be surrounded by positivity, with people who respect and care for us. Here at Angelic Diamonds, we wanted to help those with relationship queries seek the guidance they are looking for, so we created Love Dilemmas. After all, we offer budding couples a selection of engagement rings and wedding rings, so why not offer them a little help on the way to tying the knot and maintaining happiness throughout their lives together? We’ve learnt a lot about love, so by solving your concerns, you’ll be one step closer to your happily ever after. 

What is Love Dilemmas?

Love Dilemmas is a fun and unique interactive offering a light-hearted way for lovers – or ex-lovers – to seekadvice and guidanceontheir relationship problems and questions.

To answer the nation’s most pressing love dilemmas, we gathered and measured monthly Google searches and analysed how much they increased and decreased. Each dilemma was sorted into categories relating to dating, affection, relationships, love, engagement, marriage, and break-ups. With this data, we could understand what the UK public was wanting to know the most so we could offer our guidance with support from relationship and intimacy experts. We also asked the general public for their relationship insights and anecdotes.

Users are presented with a love dilemma, and by clicking on the card, Angelic Diamonds’ answer is revealed. Some of the biggest searches include: "Why do I self-sabotage relationships?", "How soon is too soon to propose?", "What does ‘bub’ mean in a relationship?", and "When should you have your first kiss in a relationship?".

CEO of Angelic Diamonds Neil Dutta said: “We want to support those out there who are either hopeful or lucky in love. This is a great way for people to get the advice they need for things that are on their minds.

“The last year has made it difficult for relationships to flourish, which can be disheartening or even make us feel lonely. By opening our minds and our hearts to a healthy relationship, dating, or even marriage, things can start to get back on track.”

While you won’t always get straightforward yes or no answers, we hope this tool will help you make your own informed decisions about your relationship.

You can access the ultimate relationship tool, Love Dilemmas, on our website. 

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