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Coloured Diamonds: Which One Suits Your Style Best?

Diamonds are available to buy in almost any colour one can imagine. While the industry rates white diamond gem quality according to a lack of colour, coloured diamonds are graded by the presence of strong hues. Plus, coloured diamonds tend to be rarer and more expensive.

Much like gemstones, many people believe that coloured diamonds have different meanings. Each one, therefore, reflects the personality and charm of its lucky owner.

But before we dive into how different coloured diamonds could reflect your personality, it’s important to learn more about what the colours actually mean and the variety that is available.  

So, let’s discuss the vibrant array of diamonds the industry has to offer.

How many coloured diamonds are there?

Diamonds can come in a range of different colours and shades, but gemmologists use a total of 27 hues to distinguish between each colour. So whether you have an interest in princess diamond rings with a red stone centrepiece or round diamond rings in green, there is an option out there to suit everyone’s preferred choice.

What are the different colours of diamond?

The easier question to answer is, what colour diamonds can’t you buy? It’s thought pure red diamonds are almost non-existent with just twenty to thirty of them having been discovered. However, there are other red diamond shades to choose from if this is your preferred choice.

As for other colours, there is a vibrant array of everything from pinks and blues to greens and many more. In need of some colourful inspiration? Whether you’re looking for something bold to wear every day or are exploring the types of wedding rings that are available, checkout our diamond colour chart below.

What are the different colours of diamond?

What is the best diamond colour to buy?

When it comes to determining what the ‘best’ diamond colour is to buy, it could be argued this is down to opinion. However, if when we say ‘best’ we are referring to the colours that are the rarest, then red, blue, green, and pink diamonds are the most unique diamond colours to find, and they can sell for tens of thousands, sometimes millions, on the market.

The perfect diamond to suit your style

Now that we’ve discussed which diamond colours are available, what colour is best suited to your personality? Let’s take a look.

Are you glamorous and powerful?

Are you glamorous and powerful?

Red diamonds are a symbol of confidence and power. So, if you’re a CEO of a company and want to look glamorous and powerful or are finding the perfect jewel to reflect your bold sense of style, red may be your colour. And if you’re in midst of making a multi-million-pound deal, you’ll be delighted to know that in ancient Chinese culture, red diamonds are the height of good luck.

Are you creative or a country girl at heart?

If you’re a creative person with a romantic side, pink is almost certainly your colour. Orange coloured diamonds are very much a symbol of abundant energy and enthusiasm. Meanwhile, yellow diamonds symbolise friendship, as well as joy and happiness.

If you love the countryside and like to live off the land, you’ll be pleased to learn that green diamonds are a sign of nature and prosperity.

Are you about to get married?

Blue diamonds represent good health, spiritual purity, and peace. This makes them perfect for those with a relaxed disposition. It also means that blue diamonds are a good omen as ‘something blue’ for brides on their wedding days.

Black diamonds are incredibly fashionable at the moment and represent the height of sophistication. If you want to project a chic, contemporary image, a black diamond would be a wonderful choice.

Do you have royal blood?

Violet and purple diamonds are very regal. This is because they represent luxury, nobility, and high spirituality.

Are you an avid gardener?

If you spend a lot of time in the garden, then you should know that brown coloured diamonds are connected to nature and the earth. They also represent harmony, dependability, and practicality.

It isn’t necessary to take these meanings as set in stone. Yet each diamond is truly special and should have special significance to the person who wears it. If you need help choosing a diamond for yourself or a loved one, we are at your service.

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