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Your Guide to Engagement Ring Shapes

Engagement Ring Shapes

The ring on a bride-to-be’s finger says a lot about her personality and style. What will your engagement ring say about you?


The Round-cut diamond is the most popular engagement ring shape. Each round stone is actually cut into a kind of cone shape from the bottom upwards. The cutter then rounds off the top. This general shape allows light to enter the stone and return for a truly dazzling appearance. In fact, many consider the Round-cut diamond to be the most brilliant of all.

This classic shape is perfect for those with a traditional or vintage style. Model Miranda Kerr received a Round-cut engagement ring from Even Spiegel when he proposed in July 2016.


The Princess-cut diamond appears square or rectangular (with four bevelled edges), yet its overall shape is pyramid. The Princess cut first came to be in 1979 and is known for its scintillating, fiery brilliance.

This shape of diamond offers brides-to-be a more modern alternative to the traditional Round engagement ring. It is for fun-loving ladies who ooze passion and class. Justin Timberlake proposed to Jessica Biel in 2012 with a huge 18-carat, Princess-cut diamond engagement ring.


The Emerald cut has a rectangular shape (with rounded corners). This cut is known for its long rectangular facets, each of which sits in parallel to the edge of the diamond. This cut is designed to highlight a gem’s shine.

As of writing, the Emerald-cut diamond is very much on trend. So if you’re into fashion and want something unusual, the Emerald may be for you. Celebrities seen wearing Emerald-cut diamond engagement rings include Amal Clooney, Angelina Jolie, and Beyoncé.


The Oval shape is for ladies who adore the fiery brilliance and classic style of the Round diamond, but want something a little different. The difference in shape lends the Oval cut a more contemporary feel. Kate Middleton received an Oval-cut engagement ring from Prince William before their marriage in 2011.


The Pear-cut diamond (also known as the ‘teardrop’) is a mix of the Oval and Marquise shapes. In your engagement ring, you can choose to wear the point towards or away from your hand. This allows you to create different looks.

Pear-shaped diamond engagement rings are for those who like to experiment and stand out from the crowd. Scarlett Johansson’s engagement ring comes replete with a Pear-cut diamond. It is clear that her husband, Romain Dauriac, has unique taste!


Legend has it that the Marquise-cut diamond was first created at the behest of French monarch, King Louis XIV. According to the story, the king wanted a diamond to represent the smile of his mistress, the Marquise de Pompadour.

With its elongated shape and sharp ends, the Marquise certainly has a grand appearance. Fittingly, Victoria Beckham began wearing an extravagant Marquise-cut ring following her engagement to husband, David, in 1998.


The Cushion cut (also known as the ‘Pillow cut’) has larger facets and rounded corners which do indeed look very cushion-like, yet also highlight brilliance. Either square or rectangular in shape, the Cushion is for ladies with a modern-meets-vintage style. Kim Kardashian began wearing a Cushion-cut engagement ring after Kanye West proposed to her in 2014.


Asscher-cut diamonds have an octagonal shape. They are cut in a similar way to Emerald diamonds, yet have more brilliance. Developed in 1902, the Asscher offers brides-to-be a taste of Art Deco style.
The shape is a great choice if you want a diamond that looks larger than a Round-cut with the same carat weight. Celebrities seen wearing Asscher-cut diamond rings include Zooey Deschanel, Kate Hudson, and Jessica Alba.


The Heart-cut diamond is for the hopeless romantic. It has a similar brilliance to the Round-cut diamond, but catches the eye more readily due to its unmistakeable shape. For a ring guaranteed to turn heads, look no further. Singer Lady Gaga has been seen wearing a heart-shaped diamond engagement ring said to be worth $500,000.


The Radiant-cut diamond has a square shape and rounded corners, much like the Emerald cut. The Emerald has a step cut, ensuring that its facets are arranged parallel to the girdle, yet the Radiant does not.
The visible difference lay in the fact that the Emerald has more clarity, whereas the Radiant has more brilliance and sparkle. The extravagant Radiant is for those who wish to dazzle the adoring crowds. Hilary Duff, Anna Kournikova, Drew Barrymore, and Megan Fox have all been spotted wearing Radiant-cut engagement rings.

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