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2023 engagement ring trends

Just like fashion and music, engagement ring styles change as time moves on. This can range from older styles gaining momentum again or a newer, modern design capturing the hearts of many.

Whether you're looking for engagement ring inspiration for yourself or you're shopping for the perfect ring to propose with, here are five engagement ring trends in 2023.

1. Art Deco

Art Deco engagement rings have geometric patterns and usually have coloured gems alongside diamonds. These geometric shapes may include a large, central stone which is adorned with smaller, uniquely shaped stones around it for extra sparkle

Vintage style art deco engagement rings are timeless and elegant and haven’t ever really stopped being popular. Uniqueness has been a common theme recently – this doesn’t mean that traditional rings are shrinking in popularity, but rather that more people are choosing adventurous and bold engagement rings to begin their partnership. In 2023, demand for non-traditional rings is set to rise.

Art Deco

2. Coloured gemstones

Many brides-to-be were breaking the classic diamonds-only tradition and adding coloured gemstones to their engagement rings in 2022. This year, the trend is set to continue.

If you'd like to add a bit of colour to your ring, consider choosing a blue or pink sapphire, ruby, or emerald in your engagement ring. You can replace the diamond altogether with a colourful gemstone or use gems to complement a sparkling white diamond. This would look particularly on-trend in an Art Deco-style ring.

Coloured gemstones

3. Lab-grown diamonds


As people learn more about them, engagement rings featuring lab-grown diamonds are quickly becoming more popular. Lab-grown diamonds are identical to natural ones and have the exact same chemical properties. The only difference between the two is that one was grown in a laboratory and has been engineered whereas natural diamonds have been mined from the earth. It is nearly impossible to differentiate between the two, the only key difference is the price tag – lab-grown diamonds are cheaper than natural ones.

All our Angelic Diamonds engagement rings are available with traditional and lab-grown diamonds. Find out more with our guide on lab-grown diamonds.

4. Step cut diamonds

Step-cut diamonds, also known as square or rectangle stones with parallel facets on all four sides, are particularly popular this year. The clean lines are the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary, embodying plenty of character.

Step cut diamonds

5. Bespoke engagement rings

Personalisation is popular in many different forms this year, including bespoke engagement rings. More couples than ever are choosing to design their own engagement rings, allowing you to put your own spin on a piece or bring an idea you've got in your head to life.

At Angelic Diamonds, our master ring designers will help you create the ring of your dreams with our bespoke design service.

Link to lab grown diamond guide when live

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