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Can Diamonds Chip or Break? Answering Your Questions

How easily can a piece of jewellery break? No matter how well we take care of our possessions, the odd accident does happen from time to time.

So, before you make the decision to spend a hefty sum of money on a new diamond ring or piece of jewellery, it’s important to know some of the most common concerns associated with diamonds and how delicate they actually are. Here, we answer some commonly asked questions that all jewellery owners need to know the answer to.

Can diamonds break?

The short answer is yes, diamonds can break. Just like how a diamond cutter is used to shape and sculpt a diamond to take a certain form, you can cause a diamond to break if you accidentally apply enough force to it. As for the most vulnerable parts of a diamond, these include the girdle and any sharp points. These parts of the diamond’s structure ‘stick out’ more, so they are more likely to have direct contact with hard surfaces that could cause them to break.

Can diamonds break?

Can diamonds melt?

The word ‘melt’ might not be the best way to describe what can happen to a diamond. ‘Vaporise’ would be more accurate. Although diamonds are one of the hardest rocks in the world, when subjected to temperatures of 763 degrees Celsius or higher, they will turn into vapour.

It may come as a surprise to know that diamonds are a type of pure carbon. When tested against high temperatures, carbon will oxidise into carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, therefore explaining why diamonds react in the same way to these high temperatures.

Can diamonds chip?

Any forceful impact on diamonds can cause them to chip. When it comes to diamond rings, for example, the cut of the diamond can impact how easily it can chip. This is because some girdles and points on the diamond are more exposed to being hit off surfaces when going about your everyday life.

With this said another thing to consider before choosing the cut of your ring is what would be less vulnerable to chipping depending on the nature of your everyday routine. Not to worry though – there is an option for everyone, from three-stone rings and seven stone rings to round diamond rings and more.

What can break a diamond?

As previously stated, diamonds are some of the hardest rocks in the world. However, that’s not to say that they are impervious. Diamonds’ internal structure consists of a lattice-style structure made up of carbon atoms. It is the structure of such that makes diamonds hard, therefore making it easy for a diamond to scratch a surface and leave a mark. However, when it comes to how strong the structure of a diamond is, a hard swing from a hammer can cause it to break.

Can diamonds crack?

Yes, diamonds can crack. However, it is very unlikely this will happen due to their hard internal structure mentioned before. It is not uncommon for people to think their diamond has cracked when taking a closer look, though.

Take for example engagement rings– since these tend to be always worn, a build up of debris on the diamond can give the illusion there is a crack in it. In reality, all that is needed is a bowl of hot soapy water and a twenty to forty-minute soak to get it back to looking good as new. Equally, your diamond could have always had an inclusion in its structure that you just haven’t noticed till now.

Can diamonds scratch?

Just like how diamonds can crack, they can also scratch too. However, its impressive internal structure makes it difficult to scratch. Put simply, the harder a mineral is, the harder it is to scratch it. Most minerals are ranked 9 or below on the Mohs scale of hardness; however, diamonds are ranked 10, making them the hardest gem on earth. So, scratching them by accident is possible, but it is uncommon.

How can I keep my diamonds safe? 

Whether it be from scratches, cracks, or breaks, knowing how to keep your diamond safe and looking brand new is something everyone will benefit from knowing. There is no hidden secret behind how to protect your diamonds, or any jewellery in fact, from becoming damaged. It is simply down to how much care you take of them. 

How can I keep my diamonds safe?

For example, metal can scratch diamonds, so storing them in a place that is separate from any metal objects or surfaces is a must. Since a crack in a diamond is often mistaken for debris or dirt build up, making sure to wash them once a week to keep them clean will help avoid this error.

As mentioned before, some diamond cuts are more susceptible to damage than others based on how exposed their points or corners are. So, if you feel like you could damage your diamond by mistake, opt for a shape that has less of a pointed cut.

Protecting a diamond from sustaining accidental damage is a responsibility everyone takes on when making a purchase. However, don’t let this scare you. Diamonds are incredibly hard rocks that don’t require a great deal of taking care of, but it’s important to know the potential damages that could occur and how to protect them from this. 

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