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Welcome to Wedflix

Angelic Diamonds is proud to introduce our brand-new wedding-planning platform, ‘Wedflix‘ . We know that a lot of you have been excited to tie the knot for a while, but with the lockdown restrictions in place over the last year, weddings of all shapes and sizes have been off the table. When the very last of the restrictions lift in the summer (if all goes to plan), happy couples will finally have the opportunity to celebrate their love in style. At Angelic, we want to make sure that your special day was truly worth the wait.

The post-lockdown wedding season is sure to mean wedding invitations flying out left, right, and centre – everyone will be excited to get their show-stopping plans underway. So, you might already be thinking about how you can plan something a little different that will make your wedding stand out from the crowd. That’s where Wedflix comes in.

Did you and your partner bond over a favourite movie franchise? Or perhaps you’ve spent many blissful hours together binging a TV show that you’re both obsessed with? If so, why not pay homage to your shared passion with the themed wedding of your dreams?

Our Wedflix platform is all about planning the ultimate themed wedding. The best part is, you won’t even have to do the work – we’ve got the UK’s favourite wedding themes completely covered. Using Google search data, we discovered the UK’s top 22 wedding themes, including the Star Wars franchise, The Lord of the Rings, Alice in Wonderland, and so much more. Whether you’re looking for the perfect opportunity to walk down the aisle feeling like a Disney Princess, or you want to add some real Harry Potter magic to your big day, we’ve got the perfect theme for you!

Explore Wedflix by clicking on whichever film or TV show takes your interest. Once you’ve selected your show, you’ll access a whole new world dedicated to that wedding theme. For each theme, we’ve picked out a stunning location, a gorgeous diamond engagement ring, the perfect playlist, and some fun extras that will make your wedding day one to remember. Whether you’ve already got your heart set on a theme or you’re just curious about themed weddings and you want to have a browse, we know that you’re going to love Wedflix.
This new platform is sure to boost your wedding excitement after a year of uncertainty, cancellations, and postponed plans. The weddings on the other side of lockdown are sure to be nothing short of magical – the excuse to throw a fabulous party that we’ve all been waiting for. So, head over to Wedflix, discover the wonders we’ve got in store, and prepare for the perfect wedding…

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