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Unique Proposal Ideas

There are an infinite number of ways to propose with an engagement ring to your other half. It is something that will be remembered and talked about for years to come – but how should you do it?

Discover unique proposal ideas with our helpful guide.

1. Hire out a cinema

If you really want to pull out the big guns, you could hire out your local cinema. Ask your partner to the cinema to see a movie – but this isn’t any normal film viewing. Instead of the auditorium being full of strangers who have paid to watch the film, you can fill it with your friends and family. Your partner will be none the wiser as it will be dark.

Instead of a film showing, you can create a bespoke video – perhaps a montage of photos or videos of your relationship, or a fun short film before you propose and surprise your partner with those closest to you

2. Photo booth

This proposal idea is also a great way to get that special moment captured forever on film without hiring a photographer. Find a photo booth somewhere near a place you often go together and the next time you’re going to be in the area, make sure you’ve got the ring in your pocket.

Suggest you jump in the booth and take a few silly photos together. Do the usual smiles and funny faces for the first couple of photos then pull the ring out and propose while there are still some shots left. You’ll catch them totally off guard and capture their emotions perfectly.

3. Surprise birthday party and proposal

Make their next birthday one they’ll never forget by not only throwing them a surprise party, but proposing at the same time. Get a big group of family or friends together and have them each hold a card with one letter to spell out “Happy Birthday ______!” When they enter the room, have everyone jump out with their cards.

Let the surprise sink in for a couple of seconds before everyone turns their cards around to reveal letters spelling out “Will you marry me, ______?” on the other side. They’ll be doubly shocked and everyone will get to see the wonderful look on their face.

4. Treasure hunt proposal

On Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or their birthday, tell your fiancé-to-be they’ve got to find their present. Hand them a note with a clue that leads them to the next note. These locations in the house can be related to memorable moments, for example, the first place you said: “I love you”. While they’re hunting for notes, stand in the final clue spot with the engagement ring.

5. Hire a personal chef

Plan a romantic date night at home with a personal chef to cook their favourite meal. You could do this on their birthday or Valentine’s Day so they don’t get suspicious. Have somebody look after the kids, set up the table with rose petals and candle lighting, and get ready to get down on one knee.

6. Hire a hot air balloon or helicopter

Is your partner adventurous? Arrange a hot air balloon ride or helicopter flight. This will totally catch your partner off guard – plus you’ll get a fantastic, romantic view especially if you do it at sunset.

7. Arrange a romantic picnic

If you and your partner love the outdoors but aren’t the biggest fans of public displays of affection, you could set up a romantic, private picnic at a place where there’s less footfall or where you’re less likely to be noticed going down on one knee. You get the best of both worlds being in nature without having a hoard of people watching.

escape room

8. When you escape an escape room

Proposing at an escape room will be a complete surprise to your partner. Ring up and ask if they will help you orchestrate a proposal. You could incorporate romantic clues into the activity and propose when you escape.

9. Street singer proposal

Is your partner hard to catch off guard? You could propose by hiring a busker to sing their favourite song or perhaps a little speech mentioning you both by name. All you have to do is get down on one knee. Suggest an afternoon of shopping, go to the planned location, and ask the big question.

You could also even hire a photographer to wait at the location to snap some candid photos of the moment that you can cherish forever.

Hire a proposal planner

10. Hire a proposal planner

If you’re completely lost for words and are unsure how to make your proposal extra special and completely unique, you could consider hiring a proposal planner to do the heavy lifting. There are companies that specialise in bespoke marriage proposals.

Get started with your proposal and take a look at our engagement rings.

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