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5 Wedding Disasters and How to Avoid Them

No matter how organised and structured your wedding day may be, there’s always room for disaster. But disaster doesn’t have to ruin the day you’ve been dreaming about since you were little. Make enough backup plans and you’ll be prepared for anything the world throws at you.

So your big day goes exactly as planned, here are 5 of the biggest wedding disasters and tricks to help you avoid them.

photography wedding

Disaster: Your friend has let you down with catering/photography/another wedding service

How to avoid it: Stick with the professionals

If you’ve got a small budget to stick to, it may be tempting to take your friends up on their offers to help you out. An aspiring photographer might offer to take your wedding photos or a home baker might offer to bake your cake.

While you should definitely show your appreciation and thank your friends for their kindness, it’s best to pass on their offers. It’s unlikely you’ll have a contract to protect either one of you if things go badly and you could end up seriously falling out.

budget wedding

Disaster: You’ve gone over budget before everything’s paid for

How to avoid it: Set your budget at the beginning and stick to it

It can be incredibly exciting and rewarding putting down deposits to secure the things you want for your big day. But unless you’ve got your numbers figured out, you could easily find that you’re running out of money before you’ve booked the key parts of your wedding.

So you don’t end up with half the wedding of your dreams, make it a priority to set your budget at the beginning. This way you’ll know exactly how much money you’ve got to play with.

weather is threatening to ruin your big day

Disaster: The weather is threatening to ruin your big day

How to avoid it: Have a back-up plan for all types of bad weather

Before you put a deposit down on the venue you’ve fallen in love with, ask what their plans are in case of bad weather. Make sure there are suitable backup plans for heavy rain, freezing temperatures, and high wind. You want to be prepared whatever the weather!

skin day on the morning of your wedding

Disaster: You’re having a bad skin day on the morning of your wedding

How to avoid it: Don’t try any new beauty products the week before your wedding

No matter how tempted you are to try the latest new trend, do not change your usual beauty routine the week before your wedding. Stick with whatever works for you until after all your photos have been taken. Just in case your skin decides to break out on its own, make sure you’ve got concealer and a beauty blender on hand to make the best of a bad situation.

seating arrangements

Disaster: There are major arguments about the seating arrangements

How to avoid it: Let anyone with potential problems know where they’ll be sitting in advance

All families have issues and when you bring everyone together, there’s almost certain to be some level of drama. Keep your big day as hassle-free as possible by ironing out any potential issues well in advance. Tell any family members who may be problematic where they’ll be sitting for the ceremony. If there are problems, do your best to resolve them before your wedding day.

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