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What does your ring arrangement say about you

What does your ring arrangement say about you?

You might know the meanings of engagement, wedding, and eternity rings. But did you know the fingers you wear your rings on also have a special significance? If you’re thinking about treating yourself to a new ring but can’t decide which finger it would be best suited to, this post will help you make the right decision.

Where does it come from?

Where does it come from?

The meaning behind each finger comes from Greek gods. In palmistry, the art of palm reading, the hands and fingers are given characteristics associated with Greek gods. Wearing specific gemstones on certain fingers is thought to bring good fortune.

The meaning behind each finger



The thumb is the only digit that isn’t connected to a Greek god. In palmistry, this part of the hand said is believed to symbolise self-assertion and willpower. To leverage these elements within you, wear a ruby gemstone ring on your thumb.

Rubies are said to bring fire into your life, creating a robust sense of power and giving you the strength to try new things and take risks.

Index finger

Index finger

The index finger is associated with Jupiter, known for self-confidence, leadership, and ambition. If you want to promote Jupiter’s traits within you, wear an amethyst or blue topaz ring on your index finger.

These two gemstones are said to shake up the confidence inside you that may have got a little lost. They can help you make decisions in line with your heart and make sure you don’t miss out on great opportunities.

Middle finger

Middle finger

Saturn is the Greek god who rules over the middle finger. Wearing a ring on this finger represents balance, responsibility, and self-analysis. To grow in these areas, wear a ring on your middle finger with a rose quartz, coral, or aquamarine gemstone.

These gemstones are thought to increase feelings of peace and calm, while promoting modesty and clarity.

Ring finger

Ring finger

The ring finger is associated with Apollo, one of the most influential Greek gods. This finger symbolises beauty, creativity, and eternal love. To promote these characteristics within yourself, choose a sapphire ring or diamond ring to wear on this finger.

Sapphires are said to strengthen the heart and help you understand your deepest desires. Diamonds fill you with a loving energy and allow the soul’s light to shine so it can be shared with others.

Little finger

Little finger

Mercury is the god associated with the little finger, which is said to represent intelligence and intuition. To spark these elements inside you, wear an emerald ring on your little finger. This gemstone is known as the symbol of truth and will help you see things as they are so you can make better decisions.

It’s your choice

While the meaning behind each finger is interesting, which fingers you choose to wear your rings on is really up to you. Choose an arrangement that’s comfortable and visually appealing to you and you can’t go wrong.

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