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11 signs your partner is about to propose

Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or just know you’ve found the one, you may start to wonder when your other half will pop the question or if it’s even on their radar at all!

While many will want the proposal itself to be a surprise, there’s comfort in knowing that your partner is ready to take the next step. Thankfully, despite how stealthy they try to be in keeping their plans a secret, there are often some tell-tale signs that you can look out for.

Don’t worry, we don’t mean going through their search history or rummaging through their receipts! Using a combination of Reddit contributions and Google search trends, we’ve compiled a list of the top 11 signs that your partner is getting ready to propose.

Have a read - do any look familiar? If so, you could be asked an important question very soon!

3 subtle signs that suggest they’ll propose in the future

1. Are they on Google at 3.44 am or 5.13 am? They could be planning to propose

Many people would jump to conclusions if they woke up during the night and found their partner on their mobile phones. However, our analysis of the UK’s Google habits reveals that late-night searching could be a sign they’re about to propose.

Searches for ‘engagement rings’ peak between midnight and 5.13 am each day on average, with 4.15 am being the peak time to search! Likewise, searches for ‘how to propose’ peak at 3.44 am daily on average.

When you consider that most people will be asleep at that time, it’s the perfect time for a spot of online shopping or proposal inspo without the prying eyes of your partner!

Unless you wake up during the night and see them on their phone, it will be difficult to know if your partner is doing this, but look out for them being sleepier or yawning more than usual.

Searches for engagement rings

2. They start looking for ways to cut costs

Engagement rings are an investment, so it’s not unusual for a partner to start saving up to buy one for their significant other. Thanks to a 1930s marketing campaign by De Beers, it’s widely accepted that an engagement ring should cost three month’s salary. Nowadays there are options for every budget, but some may still need to save to afford their partner’s dream ring.

Look out for your partner suggesting lifestyle changes that will help cut their expenses. For example, are they considering cutting their Netflix subscription, taking their lunch to work rather than popping to Pret or passing up invitations more often?

However, with the rising Cost of Living, there may be other reasons why your partner wants to cut their expenditure. We recommend looking out for this one along with some of the other signs on our list.

3. They take an interest in your jewellery or your jewellery goes missing

While they may think they’re being subtle, asking about your jewellery preferences and favourite styles could make you suspicious, especially if it’s out of character for them.

It’s not unusual for them to take one of your rings with them when they go ring shopping either, or at least use it to get a rough ring size before they buy. Although they’ll likely return it as soon as they can, look out for any jewellery that you may think you’ve misplaced.

8 signs that suggest your proposal is happening today!

While the above are sure signs that a proposal is on the cards, there can sometimes be a long time between buying the ring and them popping the question. Curated from Reddit, below are some of the more common signs that your proposal is imminent.

1. They are acting quieter than usual

Asking someone to marry you is a huge decision so it’s normal for partners to act quieter than usual in the lead-up to a proposal. They may not be as chatty as they normally are or they may sigh more often as they attempt to calm their nerves.
This is most common on the day of the proposal as the magnitude of the proposal hits them.

2. They insist on sticking to the plan for the day

If they’re planning on asking you to marry them, your partner may have more input into what you do on a certain day or weekend.

This is most noticeable with laidback partners, those who usually answer ‘it’s up to you’ when asked what they want to do. If they’re making more suggestions for how to spend your time together, it could be because it’s part of their proposal plan!

According to Reddit users, going for a hike could be one of the clearest signs they’re going to propose. Many users reported that they did this before they got engaged; after all, the top of a mountain is a beautiful place to pop the question.

planning on asking you to marry them

You may also find that they’re less keen to go with the flow. For example, if you’re planning on going for a walk but it’s cold outside, you might be tempted to reschedule. If your partner is insistent on sticking with what you have planned, it could be because your seemingly regular day is about to turn into a proposal.

3. They start acting overcautious or protective over their luggage

Although most common if you’re going away for the weekend or on holiday, this next sign is still applicable to backpacks and coats. If your other half knows they’ve stashed an engagement ring in their suitcase, bag or coat pocket, they’re very unlikely to let it out of their sight or indeed let you near it!

4. They wear something that doesn’t suit the weather

This is possibly the most subtle of all of the signs we’ve covered but look out for your significant other layering up or taking extra luggage with them before you head out together. One Reddit contributor explained how her husband-to-be wore a jacket with pockets on a warm day so he would have somewhere to keep the ring safe and out of sight.

5. They arrange a family event

This will depend on the type of proposal you’re looking for but if your partner knows you’d want to celebrate with your nearest and dearest, they may arrange a family event. It could be anything from a family meal, BBQ or trip away. Again, you will likely only notice this if it’s out of character for your partner to be involved with your plans.

They may even arrange a family event without you knowing. If your family or friends have plans at the same time you do, it could be a sign they’re preparing to surprise you for the proposal. 

arrange a family event

6. They keep touching their pocket

Many Reddit contributors mentioned that their partner kept touching their pocket or kept their hands in their pockets prior to proposing to them. Potentially a nervous reaction, they could be giving away that a proposal is about to happen as they try to keep the ring safe!

7. They take more photos and videos than usual

Look out for your partner taking more photos or videos than usual as you’re out and about. If a proposal is about to happen, they’ll likely want to capture as much of the special day as possible so you have something to look back on and remember it by.

8. They suggest a trip to the salon

One Redditor commented that their other half had suggested they go to the nail salon, which tipped them off that a proposal was imminent. If your partner suggests a pamper session without an obvious event coming up, it could be a sign they’re going to propose and want you to look your best for the photos!

There you have it; the most common signs that your partner is about to pop the question. One or two of them may just be a coincidence but if you recognise a few, it’s highly likely that an engagement is heading your way.

If you’re planning a proposal yourself, take a look at our guides on how to propose and how to choose the perfect engagement ring.

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