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Where to hide an engagement ring while traveling

Whether it’s sun, sea and sand, a dramatic cityscape, or some of the world’s most famous landmarks, proposing abroad is unsurprisingly popular, providing the perfect backdrop for any proposal.

Once you add travel to the mix, planning your proposal becomes slightly more difficult, as you’ll have to keep the ring safe throughout your journey and of course, well hidden from your other half!

With that in mind, we’ve created a guide on where to hide an engagement ring while traveling. Whether you’re planning a proposal on home soil or the cherry on top of an epic trip overseas, you can keep the ring safe and out of sight with our tips.

attempt to keep the proposal a surprise 

NEVER pack an engagement ring in your suitcase

As you attempt to keep the proposal a surprise from your other half, you could be tempted to pack the engagement ring in your main suitcase. Take our advice: DON’T!

According to reports, airlines (temporarily or permanently) lose 25 million pieces of luggage each year on average! A lost suitcase is stressful enough even when it doesn’t contain the engagement ring you’ve splashed out on. Should it be lost in transit, your proposal plans will be stunted and you’ll spend your trip worrying if it will ever turn up!

This is not just the case if you’re flying either. Baggage mix-ups can happen on trains and coaches too. We can’t imagine you’ll have a very relaxing journey knowing the ring is unattended on a luggage rack!

Should your suitcase containing the engagement ring get lost, you may not be covered by your travel insurance depending on your policy.

Most travel insurers will cover you if your personal belongings go missing, which often includes jewellery. However, make sure you check the single-item cover limit on your policy.

Some cheaper policies may only cover you for £100-£200 per single item, which in most cases won’t be enough to cover the cost of your engagement ring. If you are traveling with an engagement ring, it’s worth paying more for your travel insurance to get the cover you need or add on specific jewellery cover.

Always read the fine print of your policy as some insurers won’t pay out for lost belongings if they’re left unattended or stored insecurely. The same applies if you’re under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

You should always pack the engagement ring in your hand luggage or carry-on so you can keep it with you at all times during your journey.

How to get an engagement ring through airport security

If you’re flying to your proposal destination, you’re likely concerned about how to get an engagement ring through airport security, considering you’ll be stashing it within your carry-on bag.

1. Join a separate security queue from your partner

At the airport, you may have the opportunity to join a separate security queue to your other half. This is a good move as your partner will be distracted and potentially facing the other way to you, which could be handy if your bag does get searched. It also means you can discreetly talk to the security guards should you want to let them know about the ring.

NEVER pack an engagement ring

2. Don’t keep it in your pocket

Don’t be tempted to put the engagement ring in your pocket, as it could set off the metal detectors as you go through airport security. Instead, pack it into your hand luggage in its box.

keep it in your pocket

3. Follow the airport security rules to remain discreet

A ring in your hand luggage should pass through an airport security scanner without disruption. You should always follow the rules on what you can and can’t carry on board anyway but it’s especially important to avoid drawing attention to yourself and having your bag unpacked by the security guards.

4. Add a post-it note to the engagement ring box

As a precaution, you could add a post-it note to the engagement ring box explaining ‘engagement ring, please be discreet’. Should the security guard search your bag, they’ll know not to spoil the surprise although there is a risk your other half may see the note once it’s in your bag.

5. Buy a travel engagement ring holder

Some engagement rings are supplied in boxes that are significantly larger than the ring itself, which can make it difficult to discreetly pack into your bag. If this is the case with your chosen ring, you can buy discreet ring boxes online that are slimmer and are easier to hide in an interior pocket, for example.

However, in most cases, you shouldn’t have trouble fitting a standard-size ring box in your baggage.

You may be tempted to take your engagement ring out of the box to save space and make it easier to hide in your bag. However, we wouldn’t recommend doing this. Ring boxes are designed to protect the ring from being scratched or damaged which could happen if you place it in your bag loose. There’s also more chance of you losing a loose ring than one in a box.

6. Don’t wrap it up

You may be tempted to wrap up the engagement ring to disguise it once it's in your bag. Should your bag be searched, the security guard will have to unwrap the box to check its contents, which could bring even more attention to the ring.

How to hide an engagement ring in your hand luggage

We hope we’ve made it clear that your hand luggage is the safest place to keep an engagement ring while you’re traveling. To make it less obvious in your bag, and to keep it out of sight when you get there, here are some suggestions to help disguise it:

  • A hollow book - books and traveling go hand-in-hand so a hollow book with a secret storage compartment inside is the perfect decoy for your partner. One glance in your bag and they’ll think you’ve just packed a good read for the journey.
  • Sunglasses case - an empty sunglasses case is usually spacious enough to fit an engagement ring in. 
  • Toiletry bag - it’s somewhere your partner won’t often look in so it’s the perfect place to stow an engagement ring. Just be sure the lids are secure on your toiletries to avoid any spillages spoiling your ring box.
  • Shoes - stuffing the engagement ring box into your shoe is a great way of disguising it. When you’re unpacking, don’t throw your shoes down as it could come out and spoil the surprise!
  • Socks - a rolled-up pair of socks can be folded around the ring box for the ultimate disguise. It will also provide some extra padding to give the ring a little more protection. For maximum stealth points, choose a pair the same colour as the inside of your bag e.g. black socks in a black bag to make them even less noticeable.
  • Folded in clothing - if you’re using your hand luggage as an overspill for the clothing in your main suitcase, you can absolutely wrap a hoodie or other item of clothing around the ring box in your bag. Just don’t forget and try to put it on in front of your partner!


Precautions to take when hiding an engagement ring when travelling

You’ve spent a lot of time and money choosing the perfect engagement ring so keeping it safe until you’re ready to pop the question is super important.

Be careful with keeping drinks or spillable food in your bag along with the engagement ring. Should there be any spillages, you could have to empty your bag to clean it up, which could reveal the ring box to your beloved.

After you reach your destination, you’ll need to find a safe and suitable place to store the ring until you propose. If your room has a safety deposit box, you may be able to store the ring in there, although your partner may mistakenly come across it if they use the safe.

Some hotels may have an alternative safety deposit box that you can use to store the ring. This may be outside of your room at the main reception, for example, so this option isn’t for everyone.

The best place to keep the engagement ring until you propose is in your luggage. After all, you won’t be needing your case again until you pack to come home! Simply unpack as normal and hide the disguised ring in the bottom of your suitcase or in one of its pockets. Lock your suitcase if you can for extra peace of mind.

When planning your proposal, we recommend doing it early in your holiday. Not only does this mean you can enjoy your first holiday as an engaged couple, it means you no longer need to keep the ring a secret and can stop worrying about it going missing as it will be on your partner’s finger!

Every proposal is memorable but proposing away from home can add that extra special touch to an unforgettable day. Hopefully, these tips will help you keep your proposal a surprise to truly sweep your partner off their feet.

For more advice on how to plan the perfect proposal, take a look at our engagement guides.

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