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What is diamond certification?

A diamond certificate or grading report is proof that your diamond has been examined by a professional gemmologist with specialised equipment at an independent lab.

The certificate will list a number of characteristics about the diamond. This will include the dimensions, Carat Weight, Clarity and Colour.

Why is it important?

There can be such subtle differences between diamonds with different grades that it becomes impossible to see those differences to the naked eye, however, those subtle differences can impact the value of the diamond greatly.

For this reason, it is important to ensure your diamond has been graded independently to give you confidence and assurance that the diamond you receive matches the diamond specification you have purchased.

We would expect that all diamonds of 0.50ct and over come with an independent diamond certificate from a reputable lab.

When should I expect a certificate?

Here at Angelic Diamonds we offer two certificate options. You have the SDC (Standard Diamond Certificate) which is available for individual diamonds of 0.50ct and over. There is also the GIA/IGI certificate option, GIA for Natural Diamonds and IGI for Lab Grown, those certificates are available for individual diamonds of 0.30ct and over.

Diamonds under 0.30ct will not come with their own independent diamond certificate. You will receive our own certificate which will list the diamond specification. This is standard practice.

Which labs do we use?

The SDC certificate option is our own terminology and stands for 'Standard Diamond Certificate'

We use a number of independent labs for our SDC certified diamonds including but not limited to WGI (World Gemological Institute), IGL (International Gemological Laboratories) and IGR (International Gemological Reports).

We also offer GIA (Gemological Institute of America) for natural certified diamonds and IGI (International Gemological Institute) for lab grown certified diamonds.

GIA and IGI labs are widely recognised to the most prestigious and respected independent laboratories in the world.

It must be noted not all laboratories are as strict as GIA and IGI. It is generally accepted by professionals in the jewellery industry that GIA and IGI set the standard when it comes to diamond grading. This is why GIA and IGI certified diamonds tend to be sold at a higher price than others.

Below are some examples of different independent certificates

GIA Certificate
IGI Certificate
IGL Certificate

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