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The Cut of a diamond (not to be confused with shape) is one of the most important characteristics in a diamond. The cut is how well the diamond has been fashioned from the original rough stone. How well a diamond is cut determines the light return and therefore it's brilliance and sparkle.

If the diamond is cut too shallow or too deep the light entering the stone will escape through the bottom and sides, therefore affecting the diamonds sparkle and beauty.

Diamond Cut

Cut grades are only given to round brilliant diamonds and are graded using the following scale.

Excellent/Ideal cut

Excellent cut diamonds are the best cut available and reflect the maximum amount of light that enters the diamond. Excellent cut diamonds are very rare and for this reason do command a premium price.

Very good cut

Very good cut diamonds are barely distinguishable from excellent cut to the naked eye but come at a lower price therefore offering fantastic value for money. They reflect almost all the light out of the diamond and are very close to Excellent cut.

Good cut

Good cut diamonds reflect a good amount of light still giving fantastic sparkle from a diamond. They offer fantastic value for money and strike a good balance between size and sparkle.

Fair cut

Fair cut diamonds maintain some sparkle but considerably less that Good cut. For this reason this is not a cut we sell or would recommend.

Poor cut

Poor cut diamonds loose most of their light out the sides and bottom of the diamond therefore have very poor sparkle. We do not sell any poorly cut diamonds.



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