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Diamond Colour refers to the lack of colour present in the diamond, therefore its 'whiteness'.

Colour appears in a diamond as a pale yellow. This is because of the presence of nitrogen when the diamond was formed under the Earths crust.

A diamond with no colour, is more valuable than a diamond with a hint of colour.

Colour is graded on a scale from D to Z, where D is colourless and therefore more valuable.

To the untrained eye there is very little difference between colours D-H. Therefore G-H colours provide excellent value for money.

Diamond Colour
What Diamond Colour is best for me?

For the best value, we would recommend choosing colours G-H. These appear to be colourless to the naked eye and therefore offer fantastic value.

The metal colour of your chosen jewellery can also have an effect on how the diamond looks. A colourless diamond can appear whiter when set in white gold or platinum. Yellow gold settings will complement diamonds with lower colour ratings and reduce the yellow appearance in the diamonds.