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Every diamond is unique and every person has their preferred shape of diamond.

At Angelic Diamonds we aim to cater for the wishes of all our customers by offering a full range of different shaped diamonds, along with detailed education on each shape.

Diamond Shapes

The round diamond is by far the most popular shape with 70% of all diamonds sold being round. This is mainly due to the fact that the round shape is the most superior in terms of light refection and brightness providing an unrivalled sparkle.

Nearly all round diamonds are brilliant cut which means they have 58 facets (sides)


The Princess diamond is the second most popular shape, second only to the round. The princess diamond has pointed corners and traditionally square in shape. The Princess diamond is an elegant and timeless design that gives a fantastic sparkle. It is a very popular choice for engagement rings.


Emerald diamonds are usually rectangular in shape. They are clearly distinguished by their cropped corners and step facets. The Emerald diamond has a large open table, thus highlighting any clarity imperfections in the stone. It is therefore important when picking an emerald diamond to consider a higher class of clarity.


The Asscher diamond is often referred to as a 'squared emerald'. The Asscher diamond is exactly the same cut as an Emerald diamond, apart from being square in shape. Similar again to the Emerald diamond, the shape highlights any imperfections, so picking a good clarity is important when selecting an Asscher diamond.


The Marquise is a boat shaped long diamond, with curved sides and pointed ends. When set in a ring it can make the finger look long and slender. It looks beautiful when set with round or pear side stones.


The Oval diamond is very similar to the round diamond and has a similar look and brightness. Due to its shape it can make the finger look long and slender. It is the perfect diamond for people who like the round diamond but prefer a more unusual shape.


Cropped corners are a defining feature of the Radiant diamond. The Radiant diamond combines the brilliance of a Round diamond and the shape of a Princess or Emerald diamond. Radiant diamonds provide a vibrant and beautiful sparkle.


The Pear diamond, is also often referred to as the teardrop. Its unique shape make it a popular choice for people looking for something different. In general when worn on the finger the point of the diamond faces away from the hand.


The Heart shaped diamond is a distinctive shape and the ultimate symbol of love. Heart shape diamonds less than 0.50 carat, may not be a good choice, as the shape is more difficult to see in smaller stones.


The Cushion diamond is also known as the "pillow-cut" diamond. The Cushion diamond combines a square cut with rounded corners. It is considered by many to be a more vintage version of the round diamond.



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