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How to Make Your Diamond Look Bigger

Most people agree that when it comes to diamonds, size does matter. Just take a look at what the UK is Googling. In an average month, there are 800 searches for ‘big engagement rings’ and a further 600 hits for ‘engagement rings with big diamonds’.

It’s easy to understand why, of course. Through social media, celebrity culture is more ingrained in our lives than ever before, so it’s only natural that we’ll want to mimic the lifestyles of our favourite A-Listers with a show-stopping diamond engagement ring.

Megan Fox’s unique thorn-inspired engagement ring is the most Googled celebrity engagement ring in the UK, estimated to have cost $340,000 (approx. £269,000*) for the unusual emerald and diamond ring.

Likewise, Meghan Markle’s trilogy engagement ring, which she received from Prince Harry, features a large central diamond surrounded by two stones said to be taken from Princess Diana’s jewellery collection. It is estimated to be worth $150,000 (roughly £118,000).

With Jennifer Lopez’s $3.5 million (around £2,769,000) 8-carat green diamond ring and Kourtney Kardashian’s 10-12 carat rock also some of the most searched, you can be forgiven for thinking that only the biggest will do for your upcoming proposal.

diamond appear larger

How to make a diamond appear larger than it is

While the easiest way to make a diamond look bigger is to simply spend more money on a larger diamond, we understand that this isn’t always an option, especially if you’ve got a limited budget to work with.

With that in mind, we’ve created this guide to explain how to choose an engagement ring that creates the illusion of a bigger diamond. Follow our top tips to make a diamond look larger without spending a penny more.

10 ways to make a diamond look bigger without spending more money

Pick a halo design

1. Pick a halo design

Instead of spending more money on a larger diamond, consider choosing a smaller diamond set in a halo engagement ring. Halo rings feature a centre diamond surrounded by a channel of smaller diamonds.

Generally, the surrounding diamonds can make the centre stone of a halo engagement ring seem larger and sparklier than a solitaire engagement ring of the same size. Often, a halo ring will be the cheaper of the two, too, despite the stone size being the same.

Choose an unusual shape

2. Choose an unusual shape

While a round diamond will deliver sparkle, choosing a more unusually shaped diamond will help the diamond appear larger. Popular alternatives are oval, pear and marquise cut diamonds. All featuring elongated shapes, these engagement rings will take up more space on your partner’s finger and therefore appear larger. Find out more in our guide to engagement ring shapes

You can also make a diamond appear bigger by considering the style of ring you choose. A cluster engagement ring features multiple smaller diamonds to give the appearance of a larger, dazzling diamond.

Likewise, a three-stone engagement ring can accentuate the size of the centre stone. Just make sure to choose a design with smaller diamonds on either side to emphasise the size of the central diamond.

3. Consider where the weight of your diamond sits

Depending on the style of engagement ring you choose, the setting of your ring could be disguising the size of your diamond. As with asscher, princess and emerald cut diamonds, much of the weight of the diamond is below the diamond table (the top surface of the stone), which could make it look smaller than it is.

4. Opt for a slim band

A thick band will naturally make any diamond look smaller. Choosing a plain, slim band will have the opposite effect, making the diamond look larger than it is. Slimmer bands are often seen as being a more elegant option, too.

Opt for a slim band

5. Choose a tapered band

If you don’t like the idea of a slim band, an alternative is a tapered band. This is a band that is a standard thickness but narrows as it reaches the diamond. It has the same effect as a slim band but creates a more interesting look. It can also feel sturdier than a more delicate band.

Choose a tapered band

6. Choose a band with pavé diamonds

Another option to make a diamond look larger is to opt for a band with pavé diamonds. With small diamonds embedded into the band, the stones are designed to complement the main diamond to enhance the ring’s overall sparkle. This can be extremely beneficial if working with a smaller carat size.

7. Select a diamond setting with few prongs

When it comes to diamond settings, the prongs, small pieces of metal which hold the diamond in place, come in many different designs.

The greater the number and thickness of the prongs, the more the diamond is covered up, making it look smaller than it is. For example, if you are looking at a smaller diamond, choosing a bezel-set engagement ring could make your diamond look smaller. However, some believe that the metal surround could make your diamond appear larger at a glance.

Help the diamond stand out by choosing an engagement ring with four slim prongs.

Select a diamond setting with few prongs

8. Go for the best cut within your budget

Diamond cut doesn’t apply to the shape of the diamond but rather how well it has been fashioned from the original stone. Choosing a high-quality cut means more light can bounce through the diamond, making it sparkle and glitter.

“Excellent/ideal” cut is the best cut, but it comes at a premium price. If you can’t afford that much, we recommend going for a “very good” cut which reflects almost as much light, but for a more affordable price.

Go for the best cut within your budget

9. Keep it clean

Not regularly cleaning a diamond won’t cause it to decrease in size, but it can make it look smaller. This is because the appearance of size in a diamond is all about light perception. So, a clean diamond can maximise its reflection of light, creating an illusion that the stone is bigger than it is.
Dirt and oil build-up on the diamond's surface can diminish its shine by obstructing light passages. This obstruction results in dull-looking diamonds that can often appear smaller than their actual size.

Once you’ve popped the question, encourage your fiancée to properly care for their engagement ring. Our guide on how to clean an engagement ring is a great place to start.

10. Choose a lab-grown diamond


Lab-grown diamonds are more efficient and cost-effective to create than natural diamonds that need to be mined. We can pass on these savings to you, which means you could spend less on a diamond of the same size by choosing a lab-grown alternative. This could free up more of your budget, so you may be able to afford a larger stone without going over your original budget.

Don’t worry; lab-grown diamonds aren’t fake. They’re real and are just as strong and beautiful as their natural diamond alternatives. You can find out more in our guide to lab-grown diamonds.


Remember, size isn’t everything!

While everyone would love to be presented with a giant glittering diamond ring, it’s important to remember the message behind the gift.

Instead of focusing on the engagement ring’s appearance and what others think of it, remind yourself of the reason behind it. It’s a symbol that you love them more than anything and want to spend the rest of your life with them, a meaning that can sometimes be lost when keeping up with the Joneses!

*Approximate currency conversions correct as of June 29th 2023.

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