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Your top jewellery questions answered

Your top jewellery questions answered

Jewellery is so much more than a simple accessory you wear to complement your outfit. Each piece holds a unique sentimental value and brings about memories you want to hold onto forever. Because of this, buying a new piece of jewellery for yourself or someone else is certainly no easy task.

Whoever you’re shopping for and whatever the occasion, it’s important you get everything right. The decisions you make when picking the piece could make more of a difference than you ever imagined. To help make things a little easier for you, here are the most common jewellery questions we get asked along with their answers.

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Which diamond shape is the best?

There’s no real answer to this question — the best diamond shape is the one you like the best! Round is the most popular diamond shape because it’s classic and timeless. This is followed by princess, cushion, and emerald.


Which diamond shape is the biggest?

Shape doesn’t directly affect the size of a diamond. It’s a combination of the ring’s style, carat weight, and shape that determines how large or small a diamond looks. Marquise diamonds tend to look the largest because they’re flatter than other diamond shapes and therefore look bigger. We’ve got a list of tips and tricks you can follow to make your diamond look big without spending more money.

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What’s the most important thing when buying a diamond?

This is a tricky one! There are loads of different things to take into consideration when shopping for a diamond. You’ve probably heard about the 4 Cs, but at Angelic Diamonds, we think there are 7 Cs to consider when diamond shopping. They are:

  1. Carat
  2. Cut
  3. Colour
  4. Clarity
  5. Certificate
  6. Conscience
  7. Cost


You can find out more about each of the 7 Cs here.


Which is the best metal type?

At Angelic Diamonds, we offer most of our jewellery in the following metal types:

  1. 9K white gold
  2. 18K white gold
  3. 9K yellow gold
  4. 18K yellow gold
  5. 9K rose gold
  6. 18K rose gold
  7. 950 platinum
  8. 950 palladium


The best metal type depends on a number of things, such as allergies, skin tone, and the rest of your jewellery collection. Take a look at this article to help you decide on the best metal type for jewellery.

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How many times can a ring be resized?

You might be surprised to know that there’s almost no limit to how many times a ring can be resized. If you choose a qualified professional to do the job, it can be resized many more times than you should ever need it — 10 or even 15.

We offer a free ring resizing service if you return the ring to us within 90 days of receiving it. If more time has passed, we can still resize it, but there will be a small fee to pay.


Are natural or lab-grown diamonds better?

This is one of the most difficult questions that doesn’t really have an answer. Buying a diamond is a personal purchase and whether you opt for a natural or lab-grown diamond is up to you. Both types of diamond look identical, sparkle the same, and have the same chemical structure. The only difference is that natural diamonds come from the Earth and lab-grown diamonds are created in a lab.

You can learn more about lab-grown diamonds here.

Have any more questions? We’re happy to help! Get in touch by sending an email to [email protected] or give us a call on 0191 5800118.

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